RVK mixup

Okay, I made a bunch of RVKs for my character’s face. Then I changed the position of his legs to a more bent position so that the armature would work. Now when I use the RVKs, the legs leave the armature and go back to their original positions. (Or just go hairwire once I’ve posed him.) Is there a way to fix this without remodelling his RVKs?


Not an easy task. Maybe someone else will have a better solution.

I have done that with the rvk1 to rvk2 script.

Duplicate the object as many times as RVKs it has, delete different keys for each mesh so you end up with only different keyless meshes (you can place them on space so they don’t overlap, but leave your base object in the same place). Make an object with only the legs, do the EXACT SAME process of deleting vertices, joining the legs object and removing doubles for all your meshes and then use the rvk1 to rvk2 script to put all the keys back together.

Are you entirely sure, Toloban? The way I read LGM’s posts, the RVKs are for the face (mesh), while the problem is reportedly with the armature and involves the legs. Tell me, how could these be related?

I can’t see LGM’s screen, of course, so I don’t know entirely what is meant by “the legs” (leaving the armature). I could interpret that sentence as a problem with the position of the bones or as a problem with the position of the mesh. It might be this ambiguity that is throwing me off.

No, toloban has it right. Can you show me where I can get the rvk1 to rvk2 script?

Basically my question should’ve been, is there a way to keep certain verteces from being affected by an RVK. Since in all my expressions the legs are in one postion (that doesn’t work with the armature) and my base rvk has the legs in another position (that does work with the armature). So when using the rvks, the legs’ mesh is affected.



In the Scripts Window menu under Meshes.


D’oh! I thought the rvk1 to rvk2 script needed to be downloaded. Boy I feel dumb.

toloban, I didn’t quite understand what you said. Let me see if I got it right:

So I duplicated my guy, and deleted a different rvk for each duplicated mesh. I had then a bunch of meshes, each of which had a different rvk deleted from it. Is that right? Or did you mean delete all the keys from the duplicated meshes?

No offense, but I didn’t understand that at all. Make an object with only the legs? So delete all the vertices from all of the duplicated meshes except for the legs? I tried joining two legs like that and it couldn’t join with rvks. I’m pretty sure I misinterpreted your instructions somewhere.

Could you clear those questions up, please?



EDIT: Ah well, I just deleted the old rvks and remade them. Thanks anyway.

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