RVK questions

I’ve gone over the online manual a couple of times and I’ve also searched most tutorials, but these are the things I can’t figure out:

  1. After creating RVK’s, is there any way to delete unwanted sliders? I know you can delete the keys themselves in the timeline, but what if I want to delete the slider itself, since I don’t want to use it anymore? For example, I have Key1, Key2, etc. I want to get rid of Key1. I tried deleting the key in the IPO window, but the slider remains in the Action Editor window. How do you delete that?
  2. Is it possible to edit a particular vertex key after the slider is set? I made a simple RVK, tested the slider and found that the vertices needs to be tweaked further. What do I do to get the particular slider to accept new vertex positions? Or do I need to create new vertex keys for that? Wouldn’t just editing the target position more practical? I must be missing something here, but I just can’t seem to be able to edit vertex positions for set sliders.
    Also, it would be nice if there was a way to move multiple sliders as a group. The current method is to move them one at a time. If it was possible to select multiple keys and while pressing a hotkey the sliders would move in unison, some movements might be easier to achieve. Just an idea. :-?

1: i dont quite remember (as i dont have blender right in front of me…) but i think that you can delete an RVK slider by right clicking on the name in the action editor window. a [Delete] button should be in the popup.

2: (again, im not sure becuase i dont have blender right now…) you can edit the vertex information in an RVK by selecting it (in the IPO window) and by going into edit mode. i think that this should work. if not, then deselect the [relative vertex key] button in the edit buttons window, and reselect the IPO of the newly-made AVK and edit the vertex information there.

i hope this helps


I couldn’t find a delete button there. Just one big OK button. :frowning:
The IPO window lets you edit the node position in the curve. It affects the position of the vertices as a group, but what if I only want to move particular vertices and have that re-recorded as target positions?

I couldn’t find a delete button there. Just one big OK button.

hmm… sorry about that

as i said, i dont have blender right in front of me, so im kinda working off of memory right now…

and, about changing the RVK data, i think that you need to use abstract keys in order to modify the vertex key position. when you select the line (representing the key) in the IPO for the vertex key (when you are using AVK), the object should alter it’s vertexes to match the information stored in the vertex key. so, entering edit mode, and editing the vertexes should be able to change the key positions inside your AVK

i hope this helps


I hope you’d find the time for a workaround for this problem. I’m just drawing blanks here, trying out different methods but not finding any solution for deleting or editing the contents of those sliders. I even tried selecting one of those vertex key IPO’s, moved my vertices around and pressed the Ikey, but those choices at the top portions gets recorded in the absolute key, not relative key, and pressing the mesh option in the Ikey results in a new RVK slider, so I’m ending up with a bunch unused of sliders here.
Also, I also found out that you cannot rearrange the order of those sliders. So how would that be practical? I mean, you’d be moving up and down the action editor window to adjust sliders which should be logically next to each other, all the while avoiding other sliders which you created by mistake. Something’s got to be done here, hopefully in the next version?

I hope someone gives u a good answer to your problem because i´m having exactly the same problem. It´s so frustrating :frowning:

I´ll be following the topic very closely!

OK, I’ve managed to get rid of the sliders. It seems that you have to click on the curves themselves in the IPO window and press x to delete them. I thought just deleting the colored squares beside the Key1, Key2 on the right side would do it. It seems that this is not the case. The curves remains even if the colored squares are deleted, so the sliders also remains until you delete the curve themselves. As for editing the target position for already created sliders, I’m still trying to figure this out…
Got it! With the key to be edited selected in the IPO window, press tab so that the mesh is in the vertex edit mode, then reposition the vertices and press the Ikey. Choose LocRotSize? Or maybe just Loc would do? I guess I was wrong in my earlier conclusion that it was stored in the absolute key. Or maybe it was just that I didn’t have a particular key selected in the IPO window while I was editing the mesh.
But I still could not arrange the order of the sliders themselves…