RVK's going negative on me

I’m working on animating my characeters lip sync with a combination of RVKs and a jaw bone.

I was looking at a test clip, and I noticed that my lips were doing some wierd things. I scrubbed in the 3d view, and saw the lips were deformed in frames which they shouldn’t be.

I then noticed in the action window that the RVK values were dropping below zero as I scrubbed in between frames which were both keyed at zero. None of my min values are set below zero, and only used the sliders to input values.

Is this a bug of some kind? I searched ‘rvk’ on the bug tracker but I didn’t see anything. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for any help.

look in the ipo window

you’ll notice that the ipo curves overshoots frequently, so things can become negative

this is why you need to tweak the handle types there
[I know that you can change them in the action window for armatures as of 2.28 or so, I wonder if you can do that when it is used for rvks]

there was a thread on blender.org rambling about this, lemme see if I can dig it up


AH! :o smacks forehead

I was dealing with this with my armature yesterday, after I set the ipos to bezier.

I guess i forgot RVKs use ipos also!

I set the them to linear for the time being.