RWBY Character Commissioner


(Adam) #1

Hello, I’m looking to commission an artist who proficient with blender to bring my RWBY OC to the “big screen”. A simple model is all I’m commissioning, but I’d be willing to pay more if the artist could give it rigging as well. I can discuss pricing, and I’m willing to pay for a high quality model. I’d prefer it to be in the same style as V4-6 of RWBY, but if you have a specific style, you’re welcome to use it.

(Ace Lyons) #3

Hello, I would be interested in attempting to create a RWBY type character for you.

You can contact me through email: [email protected]

My portfolio:

(david hart) #4

I have achieved a 2.1 in Computer Animation at Portsmouth University last year and I have spent these last few months refining some skills at the University of Dundee for a Masters Degree. During my time at Dundee I had sessions on new subjects such as storyboarding, scripting and concept art. With these skills and full of confidence and can adapt to any assignment that you task to me to do. I can also create animals like models if you want my to make grimms.
I am a very reliable, focused, diligent person who always goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and can handle pressure better than most people. Also, I enjoy adding ideas and angles to story and characters. It is these values that I can bring for me to develop.
Here is my website at
If you want to get know me better just contact me with my email address which is [email protected]

Regards Rob