RWBY Fanmade Ending Animation | Houki Boshi

Made this fanmade ED of RWBY in blender 2.79.
This fanmade ED I made is homage to Bleach’s ending3 version of Houki Boshi.
Majority of the animation/work involved blender’s Video Sequence Editor.
All models and animation were done by myself.

Software used: Blender, VRoid, Krita.
RWBY is a series created by Monty Oum.


pyrrha’s rigging looks great! When she has that brief scene where she slashes her sword, the motion of that is very fluid and very realistic! your background seem flat or bland, although the amount of work that goes into making and animating two characters like that means you can find someone else to do the background :wink:

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@josephhansen Thanks!
And yeah, the backgrounds could have been better. I was thinking of modeling the rooftop scene from RWBY where Jaune and Pyrrha trained.