RX 480 vs 1080 vs 980 Ti for Cycles

Hello, for reasons I can’t explain, I either have 1000 Dollars or 500 Dollars to spend on a powerful GPU to use with my 5930K. Since it’s not clear at all what could be the best solution, I am wondering between:

  1. 3 * RX 480
  2. 2 * 980Ti
  3. 1 1080

I mostly render, so games are not as important to me and I don’t care a lot about overclock unless I’m benching and stuff… So, what could be the best choice on this?

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We typically don’t go for “versus” threads here as they usually descend into flamewars. Also a bit of searching other threads on the forum should lead you to the right answer:

  • AMD GPUs don’t support as many of Cycle’s GPU rendering features as Nvidia GPUs
  • Multiple cards are great if you split your tiles and you have an average render time greater than a minute, but SLI is useless for rendering and if you have typically short renders, there’s a different approach to rendering that you should use to take best advantage of your multiple cards
  • The 1080 looks to be a great card, but (AFAIK) without CUDA 8, Cycles can’t take full advantage of all of its features, so the jury’s still out on that one in terms of knowing how well it performs

If you can wait, then wait. Otherwise, for the short term, the 980s are probably your best option.