RX 570 for cyles render

I’m building a computer and am planning on using it to render out short (<5 minutes) animations. I was wondering if a AMD RX 570 4GB would be ample to render out in a decent amount of time (couple of hours) using the cycles engine. If not, any GPU suggestions in the <$200 price range?

An 8gb 470, 480 or 580 would probably be better. Should be within that 200 price range. If you are willing to shop around the used market might even be able to get a vega 56 in that price range instead.

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I have the rx 570 and i would not recommend it at all. Get a GTX 1660 ti CUDA is faster for rendering.

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I have a 8gb 470 myself, and depending on the price, I’d say it’s ok but indeed, nvidia cards are the easy choice.

You certainly want to get 8gb and not 4gb.

TBH im just looking for an upgrade from a 960M. I’m looking at the $200 range because it means i can typically find if around $50 on ebay

In that case looking for a used rx 470 8gb is probably where you are at. Best pricing I’ve seen, though rare, about 50. Typically though closer to 100 still, sometimes going for about 75.

Agreed that if you want to render a short animation of 5 minutes within a few hours, then the budget is difficult (depending on complexity)

As such Option A - AMD

  1. RX 470/570 8GB to ensure your scene doesn’t run into “out of memory” error during render.
  2. potentially get E-cycles (seach on this forum to find out) which will booost slightly and if you use the AI denoiser then you’ll get a bit more speed improvements.

Option B - Nvivida

  1. 1660 6gb… though you’re already over 200 usd on this purchase…
  2. get E-Cycles render modification, which has noticable speed improvements for Nvidia cards.

I use E-cycels for my AMD card and does boost somewhat, but not as much as nvidia.

Option C - Nvidia RTX (way over budget… )

  1. get RTX 2060 for $380
  2. Latest cycle builds with Optix have up to 2x speed improvements
  3. get E-Cycles (search here on the forums) wich will give you even more speed.

hello. I have an AMD RX 570 graphics card. I can’t GPU render even though I think I install all the driver needed. I am in Linux Mint. do you have any solution?

It’s not a simple task at all to get OpenCL properly working on Linux; it’s all I can say. You might not be missing much, though: I have an RX480 4GB and on Windows it’s not necessarily much faster than CPU rendering (with an old Intel i5 3550). Furthermore, OpenCL kernel compilation needs long times (often minutes) and is triggered frequently, which is bad for interactivity.

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thank you very much for the reply.