RX 580 slower than Ryzen 3 1300x for Cycles rendering

Hi folks, I recently updated my Gtx 750ti 2 Gb with an RX 580 4 Gb and I feel much slower using OpenCL with the same configuration (256x256, 500 samples). Currently I render much faster with the CPU (Ryzen 3 1300x | 16x16, 500 samples). It takes a long time to start rendering and the rendering process. Also in the viewport if I activate the preview of the render it takes a long time to start and when it does the materials have a solid color.
I have the latest drivers 20.2.2 and the latest version of Blender 2.82a (this happens to me with any driver and version of blender)
Any idea what it could be, does the same happen to someone? It’s really frustrating that the GPU gets hotter by playing Counter Strike than by rendering.