RX-7 (update) (update) (update)

This is my ‘RX-7 concept’ - based on the dimensions of the 1st-gen RX-7 with a bunch of other influences thrown in for good measure.

very WIP, but coming along nicely


Hey Ikekrull, very nice model man! Especially the rimps are hot! Perhaps you could give the roof and the metal between the windows a bit more depth. Also is the complete car (The sides) very flat. Perhaps you could play with the width of the car to give it a bit faster look. (Perhhaps where the wheels are wider than in the middle)

But it is more then a very good start!


Did some more work, and had a play with Blender’s new Yafray integration.

Pretty happy with the overall quality, now i just need to add the detail and tweak the panel seams.

I never thought I would be doing this level of work in Blender, the modelling tools really are second-to-none.

I will also be adding more curves, and the rims/wheels are just stand-ins - Watch this space.


Have to change a lot of things - slim down the hatch surround, model tailights, do proper rims and tyres, add thickness to front pillars etc.


kl dude.

WOOW, it now looks really really good! That first green picture without windows was quiet nice but you have made it a hell lot more beautifull now! Very nice!

Perhaps a spoiler would be cool…?!


i dunno if it’s just my eyes but your rims look like they’re just an image stretched over a circle or something like that.

otherwise looking awesome

Those rims are taken from ‘rimshop.blend’ posted somewhere here by a kind individual whose name/nick i cannot immediately recall.

I’ve just been trying out different rim styles before i settle on a style that I will actually model myself. The rims in the first 2 pics were done by me but they are super-simple and not suitable for the finished car.

I’m really happy with the way it is coming together - watch out for another update, in a new colour very soon.

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback so far!

New mags, mufflers, refined body shape. Need to do tyres, indicators and model a basic interior (you can see wierd angular geometry through the windows i use to cut down the cracks in the shadow)



thats pretty nice dude, no crits here. maby later ;).