Ryan Rockin' Richard(HERO) WIP MODEL

After the inclusion of Sir Slyman Sneaker, I wanted to make a hero instead of a villain, because all I’ve really made are villains so far XD

Ryan the trouble making rockstar starts fights just to have endless adventure, he’s a problematic hero but he grows, he’s gonna be in the same movie as Sir Slyman Sneaker, he drew the markings on his jacket by himself because he refused to get it done by anyone else(the skull and crossbones drawn by my sister using her drawing tablet, the rest is my using mouse LOL)

With every model I’m trying to learn something, with Slyman I made him take off and put his hat back on, with the car I made I was making an ADVANCED interior, and there are plenty of other models I have yet to even show here!
With Ryan I made my first ever MODELED hair! And I plan on giving this guy TONS of facial expressions and movements. I’m also experimenting with some texture painting on my models as well, so I hope you like it!<3