Rybalsky Apartment

I’m happy to share with you one of my largest interior projects to date. I found this apartment in ArchDaily and fell in love with the simplicity and yet the great amount of details, specially on the textures. The concrete on the walls and columns are a great example of it. I also came right away with the kind of person I imagined living in a place like this and took some liberties from the original images according to it. I’m actually just starting on this kind of photorealistic renders so it was quite a challenge, so of course, feel free to give me any critique or comment. It will be very appreciated.

The original apartment design is the work of Dan Vakhrameyev from FILD.
You can find the project here: http://www.thefild.com/rybalsky-apartment

The project was made almost entirely with Blender, with some minor masks from Substance Painter and Designer. The sheets on the bed were simulated with Marvelous Designer. The renders are from Cycles.

Hope you like it, thanks for checking!


Great job, Guillermo!

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