RYZE Interactive Game Studios are looking for 3D designers - Low Poly / Cartoon Design

I founded RYZE Interactive in 2021, so far I’m working on a project called TRIFT. The project will be financed through crowdfunding.

However, I am looking for talented 3D designers to join me on this project. The tasks consist of designing vehicles and racetracks without time pressure. As part of the team, we offer you up to 5% of the sales and investments of the crowdfunding campaign. The percentage of win is calculated by your skill and your performance.

I would be very happy to find someone for my team.

Thanks very much.

Hi, I’m Andrea!
Your project looks very interesting! Can you get me more info?
I would like know more about it!

I hope you will answer me soon!



Hi! I would like to know more about the vacancy. This is my portfolio: https://westearth.artstation.com/

Thanks for the replies, feel free to contact me via Discord: KDR#6279

Hi! I just sent you a friend request to be able to chat. My username is westearth#0115