Ryzen 5700g is faster than gtx 1650 ti in renderring

I open blender open data and compare scene victor render time speed 5700g cpu full render vs gtx 1650 full gpu render

Based on blender open data , 5700g median render time
Is almost twice that of gtx 1650. How is this possible?
I always think that a discrete gpu is always faster than cpu remder

Are both test using same blender file?

Yes and no.
The Benchmark for Blender Open Data is performed with current Cycles from stable releases. Next Cycles (from Blender 3.0) is about 2x faster than old Cycles for GPU. While CPU render does not have great improvements in render time.

Median for all OS and all scenes I can see:
Ryzen 7 5700g: 355.454
GTX 1650 Ti: 457.255

Does it mean I can upgrade my 3400g to 5700g without
Discrete gpu and expect it to performs at least at same level
With a 3400g + gtx 1050 ti 4gb combo in Sculpting,viewport and render time?

I dont want to buy a discrete GPU for now .

It usually is. But that is not a rule eg. good CPU with poor GPU, or case where gpu implementation is not as good as gpu’s eg. volumes(if thats is still the case dunno).


Sculpting and viewport are totally different tasks using different techniques and technologies and Cycles render times wont tell you anything.

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Sculpting performance doesn’t depend much on GPU.
Let’s see how it will improve if you upgrade the CPU without considering any GPUs. With 5700g you will get better performance in single and multi-threaded processes, this is all Blender in general in Object mode, Cycles render (remember, I’m talking about CPU comparisons) and phisycs simulations. As I have told you in another thread, maybe you will get a little improvement in Sculpt mode with 5700g, but not a big improvement because poor performance is also Blender’s fault.
For Eevee performance (including Preview mode on viewport), this is GPU OpenGL. You look for OpenGL (Games) benchmarks for the GPUs you want to compare, and that will be the performance difference in Eevee.

Regarding Cycles render times you see in Open Data website, for nvidia GPU you divide that time by 2 to get approximate time for Blender 3.0 (it will be 2x faster for nvidia GPU)

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Thx bro how about viewport? Can i expect big improvement
In viewport from 3400g to 5700g ?
I dont expect much …i just need the equivalent perormance of 3400g + 1050 ti 4gb combo. For modelling and renderring.

It is a broad question that depends a lot on the type of scene. If it is a heavy CPU scene because it use a lot of modifiers or particle systems, then yes you will notice performance improvement with the new CPU.
Cycles Rendered viewport mode will also be faster on 5700g compared to 3400g.
If viewport slowness is due to screen drawing for Eevee, it will depend on OpenGL. I understand that both integrated AMD GPUs for those two CPUs have similar performance in Games? If so, they will behave similarly for Eevee rendered view.

You download the scene labeled “Mr Elephant”:

You open the scene and you switch to “Rendered” viewport mode. How is that scene performing on your current integrated GPU?
If you don’t notice lag when navigating the scene in Eevee rendered mode with 3400g, I suppose it will behave similarly with 5700g.

(It is not clear to me if you currently have that 1050 ti card. If you have it, to do the previous test you must choose the integrated GPU as the main one in your current machine and connect your monitor to the motherboard video output)

5700g igpu is 20 - 25 percent faster in games fpscompared to 3400g. No i dont have the 1050 ti … i rather buy an rtx when gpu prices back to normal.

Well, that would be more or less the percentage of improvement that you would obtain for example in Mr Elephant scene in Rendered view mode.

And compared to GTX 1050 Ti?

Thx bro my conclusion is .
5700g with igpu VS 3400g + 1050 ti 4gb
Sculpting is dependant on cpu . 5700 g win
Viewport depends … on scenes draw/tie
Render speed 5700g wins
Overall 5700g with igpu is better than 3400g + 1050 ti 4gb
Is my conclusion correct?

In general yes. But as I have already told you, you also do not expect big improvements in Sculpt mode because it is a Blender problem.

Another issue to keep in mind is that I understand that iGPU performance also depends on the speed of the RAM. And I suppose you should choose at least 4GB of shared memory to avoid problems with Eevee.

Thx you are amazing!. Will there be an uodate in future that will improve cycle speed tremendously?maybe blender 3.50 ?

I can only tell you about Blender 3.0

For now big improvements are only for nvidia GPUs.
AMD HIP implementation is in the works, but there is no performance data yet.

For CPU there are no big improvements in new Cycles, for now.


Bought 5700g. Render speed is good ,viewport is also much faster than 3400g but modelling/sculpting is still slow , more or less same with 3400g. Also it often crash when rendering high poly file.

Could it be necause of ram? My ram is 32 gb but often times i see 100 percent ram usage when i render high poly files.

Any idea of how to boost modellimg/sculpting speed?


That is why I insisted that problems in Sculpt mode are mainly Blender deficiencies. In Edit mode performance has been improved in recent versions, although there may still be problems.

How much memory for integrated GPU do you have shared from BIOS settings?
Crashes should never exist. Have you monitored if crashes occur when RAM usage is full? What version of Blender do you use? What is your operating system? Do you have enough virtual memory on disk configured?

Depending on the Sculpt method you use (Multires, dyntopo, voxel remesh), searching on YouTube about good practices in Blender for sculpting and avoiding Blender’s own deficiencies. Or use some other more specialized software for sculpting.

Vram is 2 gb . I am not sure if system ram is the issue. I often render projects that take up 100 percent ram but no crashes.only when render last project with high poly.os windowsn10. Blemder versiin 2.9 .VM dont know ,will check

Crashes should never exist.

You mean crashes is not normal when trying to render high poly?

If the problem is not due to lack of RAM or hardware failure, if Blender crash should always be reported to the bug tracker, sharing with developers a .blend file where the problem can be reproduced, a description of when the crash occurs, and sharing the crash log file generated: