S Class Locomotive

Been working on this for ages feel like its done but thought I’d upload and see if I could get a few critiques maybe some advise.
Its an Australian scene with an old (1950s I think) s class diesel locomotive with a victorian rail livery.


I’m not sure if I can critique the modeling or the scene - it’s great! If there’s one thing, the scene could maybe use a tiny little amount of haze or something. It feels too clear and sharp right now to be fully realistic. Or maybe experiment with different focal lengths for the camera.

How did you model the landscape and the rail bed? Always interested in how the artists here do the landscapes to surround and support their “main” objects.

Thanks for reply and kind words, I agree about the haze I did experiment with adding some but I’m not very experienced with volume effects, definitely need to get my head around that one. Focal lengths I hadn’t thought of, will look into that.
I modeled the trees and plants in blender using photos from a local park, the rail bed is a raised section with a particle system and 5 modeled rocks just following weight paint map. When I get some time on weekend Ill have another go at this and upload.

Ok messed with adding different HDR and changed focal length, looks less realistic but I think more interesting any thoughts?


I definitely like the light in this second render - it might be a little less realistic, but it looks… better. Not sure what the right word is, but the second render is somehow more pleasing.

Not sure if the focal length change is changing as much as I had expected, I guess that could go either way.

But definitely an improvement in my opinion! :slight_smile:

Cheers Thomas appreciate your thoughts, I’m happier with it, your right about focal length I did mess with it but I don’t really understand that stuff so I’m sure more could be done with it.
Think ill call this finished for the moment can’t look at it any more gotta start something new.