S e n s e s (Dare to Dream ?)

Well folks, this is my first ever attempt at a photo manipulation. Like my Dwarf & Turtle project, I had no prior knowledge on how to do photo manipulations. But I felt it was time for me to do something other than abstracts for a change. So I winged it.

I conjured up the ispiration in my sleep. It wasn’t really a dream, but more of one of those crazy visions you get when youre starting to fall asleep. My original idea wasn’t supposed to look as dark as this, and was to include hands between the head and nose (I don’t know why, but thats the way it came to me as ). I admit I didnt do a great job blending the two images together, forgive me. Though, I may pick the project back up again some day.

But anyways…

I present “S e n s e s”! It was a new and fun experience for me making it, and I hope you enjoy it.

(Added stock photos if anyone is interested.)