I am slowly falling in love with nature scenes, especially surreal ones. :wink:

This piece took about a week and a half from the modelling till the final render. I stressed a lot on the colors and the post processing part. The most challenging part was creating a believable environment and realistic lighting, and then putting everything together in harmony.
I hope you guys like it. I will highly appreciate if you leave a comment with your opinion, maybe you want to appreciate or want to point out a mistake I made. Either way, all comments and critiques are welcome

Check out the full resolution and my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n2rer

*Contains textures from Poliigon.com


Wow! Amazing!
thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

And if you are interested, here is the AO pass:


Masterpiece! Should be on wall.

Thanks brus. Much appreciated.

Idea, colors, lighting, all is awesome! Good job man.

Glad that you like it. Cheers :wink:

It’s a beautiful concept and execution. The colors look perfect (Ilove the contrast between red and green). And I agree with Brus: should be on a wall :wink:


wow wow :eek:
its amazing

Amazing piece of art!
The idea, the atmosphere and the colors are amazing.

Oh, thanks for the kind words Mr.Chuan!


Thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated.

Here’s a little explanation of how I went about creating the leaves fly effect:

  1. Create a shape in the form of a mesh, which will be the space for the leaves.

  1. Then, I added a particle system to the cylinder for leaves. The size of the leaves is controlled using a gradient texture on the cylinder, to create a dissolve/fade away effect towards the two ends.

  1. The cylinder can be controlled with a curve, using a curve modifier.

This gave flexibility to the system. I could tweak the shape using the curve, move the cylinder to change the position and the textures and particle settings to change how the leaves looked.

Tip: To make the cylinder transparent in the viewport, first add an ‘image as plane’ image (anything). Then assign that material to the cylinder. Now, in the node editor replace everything by a transparent BSDF. Now, in the material preview mode, the cylinder will be completely transparent.


For more tips, tricks and tutorials visit Boundless Blending


Good to hear that Deelus!