S.T. - U.S.S Enterprise & Space 1999 - Eagle

hey, I found these old models I bought when I was a kid, they are from the mid 70’s :smiley: hehe…what do you like of them?


They’re both rather unpleasant in color, especially the one on te left. I guess the Enterprise is okay.

Cool, though. Nice find. I wonder why you can’t get Star Trek models now?

Neat! (to use a term from that period) They’er in pretty good shape for their age! Is that tiny red piece the Gallaleo shuttlecraft?

mid seventies?! how old are you ztonzy?

don’t know the ones right name, but yes, that is the tiny shuttlecraft hidden in under the Enterprise :wink:

have you already forgotten that? I am 34, borned 1969 :slight_smile:

and I loved to watch these two series, “Space 1999” was though little creepy, but “Strar Trek” - the original series, was very adventurous!

you liar! its obviously a rendering!

jk :o

Star Trek had Volcan ears, where as Space: 1999 had up-turned eyebrows!

I used to love the bare-knuckle fist fights Kirk would get into!
And the Captin Kirk Roll. :slight_smile:

Very cool Zt!!! :wink: I definatly want to see a .blend version of the Enterprise, since you have something good to model it from!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Ztonzy - Space 1999 Eagle goodness!


High res cg renders! http://www.space1999eagle.com/an/an_downloads.html


Is it just me or does that space 1999 eagle look like a lizard

It does kind of.
The Enterprise looks like an “action toy”.

Does this look like it?


exactly same model! though my model looks little more fresh,
but one of the orange “gondoles” is lost…and you can put tiny yellow discs to
shoot out of the main disc…and I have also my shuttle still :slight_smile:


I like the enterprise! I made a model when I was young out of toilet paper roll cardboard, one cardboard from a papertowel roll and 2 paper plates.

Didn’t last long! :wink:

Hehe that sure brings back memories,…I remember having a crush on ‘Maya’ the alien girl with the funny eyebrows. :smiley: