S|W Renderman GUI [PreAlpha] -Shader Fix

Source + Blender script export:
Shader Fix

-Python 2.3 and up
-wxPython(lastest version was used)
-PIL(lastest version was used)

Next release S|W Renderman GUI Alpha, will include:
-Better Pixie/Aqsis/3Delight intergration
-Faster and configurable exporter.

-Things that dont work:
–Scene settings -expect DOF
–Displacement in rib export (works in test render)
–[Load] in menu panel
–[help] in menu panel
-[new] in menu panel
–Only SubD[Creases work] and PointsPolygons export

vid tut:
How to create a material:
Type in the name and click add

Then [Reload] surfaces and click the box to choose one.

Change color with colorMixer or by hand in the value Color:

See results by pressing test render:

URL not found

server must have reset…


How do you use this thing?where does it save the exported file?


some errors during exporting

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\myprograms\BlenderCVS.blender\scripts\sManExport.py”, line 318, in b
File “C:\myprograms\BlenderCVS.blender\scripts\sManExport.py”, line 190, in C
Scene.camera.addTrans(“Transform [” +
File “C:\myprograms\BlenderCVS.blender\scripts\sManExport.py”, line 35, in ad
AttributeError: Camera instance has no attribute ‘trans’

I figured this would happen.

xVid mpeg 4 codex ~ 4megs


in filename example:
Filename: C:\scene
this outputs the sMan export to C:\scene.sman. You then open bman.py and open scene.sman.


Once loaded you can save and most of the things will be saved. Here you can add surfaces and light shaders. Lights are not really exported from blender, they merly hold data that is applied to a shader @ init/assignment so you wont need worry about from/to/color and Spots’s coneangle/conedeltaangle

can you send me the .blend your playing with?

the other scene was simple monkey head scene for test. with default light and camera

also i am getting error when i try to render in Bman.py

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\myprograms\BlenderManGUI\BMan.py”, line 748, in exportRib
for val in dir(light.shader):
AttributeError: Lamp instance has no attribute ‘shader’

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\myprograms\BlenderManGUI\BMan.py”, line 748, in exportRib
for val in dir(light.shader):
AttributeError: Lamp instance has no attribute ‘shader’

I’ll add that to the debugger, that basicly means you need to assign a shader to the light. Goto Object panel, click on the Scene +Light and choose a light.

Once a light is selected [reload] the light surfaces and adjust vals if needed and click [set].

as for the xport script… I would really love an example so I could fix it. It seems like you dont even have a camera set in the first place… it your veiwing from something other then a camera…maybe a lamp…

first bug:

image is rendered as 8 * 6 pixel size. bman script exports rib file with that image size. i need to edit the rib file manually to get correct size

second bug

ReadArchive “default//mesh//g_Mesh.0.rib” , this is from rib file. and i think that pixie cannot find the mesh, when i put normal explorer path it seems to read and render the file properly

also, i cannot seem to be able to assign a pixie shader to mesh. even if i create a shader under shade editor and get pixie shaders. (i am assuming that, that shader i have created in shade editor should show up under object shader box, but it does not)

maybe not all shaders listed are compatible ?

i will try different shaders to see if i can find that works

Okay so I’ll release an updated prealpha version in a few mins.

Thank you soooo much ^_^. The thing about the shaders in mesh it the list updates after you reselect the mesh. So ill add a button to reload, as well as to be able to edit the Resolution. As for the finding the mesh, it shouldn’t have a problem, but Ill looking into it.

__ Edit__:
Bug fix release one:
—REsolution exported incorrectly (took off apsect ratio for now)
-Renderman GUI
—Added another debugger error, as well as expanded the debugger
—Added X,Y resolution editing
—Added Reload to Mesh surfaces

Seems I messed up on the lamp bug with the new blender export, as soon as I fix it and finish implimenting Light Linking Ill do another bug release.

thnx for update, but where is the updated file?

S|W Renderman GUI [PreAlpha] -BugFix#2

–Fixed Light assignment (it was a bitch of recoding)
–Fixed added resolution feature (must press enter to assign)
–Added Light Linking (its like blender’s lamp layer feature)
–Added a few more debugger errors

there Still may be lamp problem, but I dont know yet. Also put in curves in export, but they dont export correctly, dont expect them to do so soon either.

–Has anyone tested this on linux or macOSX?

the url for file is wrong :slight_smile:

~_~ sorry i was tried last night, its fixed.

It is still wrong (404 err.)

Okay my server is pissing me off… i think its time I find a new one… its “SHOULD” work now.

Next release will still be prealpha, but will include:
-Shadow Types
-Texture auto assignment (but will only support 1 texture per object)
-Add Light (in object editor)

Expect it around monday, unless there way way more bug presented in this current release.

Yes, it is just fine now. Thanks!

it is yet rendering by 8x6 , even with new rendersize box :frowning:

When you enter in a new value in the Resolution boxes you Must press enter in the text box to assign it.