S_W - your game deployer

heh. i’ve had a long break from blender, and i only just realised you’ve done what people talked about for so long! - “we want stand alone exe’s” “Well, make a compilar” an you have, genious.

Is the whole thing legal, as in, with publisher out, and the liscence, whats the deal with your version…

Oh and do the games run faster in .exe form. and If not, do they on NaN’s version of the exe maker thingy :slight_smile:

p.s amasing work :wink:

If the thing is legal, yes I think so, because I use only the “old versions” 2.04, 2.12 and 2.23 for the exe files (so I don’t use the Publisher). By the way, I started the GameDeployer after NaN went bankrupt. But I wouldn’t encourage people to sell exe files made with the program.
To the question which exe file is faster…I don’t know, because I haven’t tested it.
I hope I’ve answered your questions. :wink:

I’ve heard that Nan’s exe thing is faster, which would make sense because it’s tailored to work better without all the creator fluff etc; but I don’t think SW’s is faster. If you run it in a lower resolution than you usually run blender, than yeah, it’s going to be faster.

Nice to see you around again by the way abraccis!