S1mOne-- is it really CG?

(CrimsonX84) #1

Hi guys, just finished watching techlive today at TechTv. They had a segment about Al Pacino’s new film S1mOne or Simulation 1. They say it is CG but im not sure…visit their site at

Im not sure yet about all the details. If that was really all CGI, then…wow!

(HpyGoCrazy) #2

Every actor would be out of a job.

(saluk) #3

Haha, just want to mention that the storyline is strikingly similar to that of an Anime I watched a while ago. I think it was macross plus? It’s just funny how similar it looks:):):slight_smile:

About it being cg, that’s CRAZY, but if it’s true, WOW. I suppose its not that hard to believe, AKI from final fantasy wasn’t that far behind this, if it is indeed cg.

Storylinewise, it would probably make the most sense to make her a cg character, but I still dont believe it:)

(saluk) #4

Yeah, reading the techtv interview, its a mock interview of the character in the movie, not a mock interview with a real digital woman. So I don’t think shes cg. Sorry.