s2flender for Blender 2.6x

Hi there!

Is it possible to make the attached s2flender.py script Blender 2.6x compatible. It’s a script to export Blender files to Macromedia Flash .swf within Blender 2.36

I’m no scripter or programmer to know if there is a possibility to do this.


S2flender.zip (48.1 KB)

looks to be not impossible, but today there is a (Dr.) promotion going on … interesting project ?!

Maybe soon …

Thank you for your response, I hope someone can make it Blender 2.6x compatible soon.

So starting with unittests … :wink:
movie = s2f.swfHeaderBlock(0,[0,0,4000,4000],12,1)
succeeds but this is the start of the easy part :wink:
(together more than 6000 lines to do, oh oh)

Ok, soon is the wrong word for the whole process :wink:

yes, already struggling with a not yet understood error message …
I think I have to try too in old Blender (2.49) what it does at all :wink: (if that works…)

first problem understood and solved :wink:
Next one:
How to write in Python 3.2 buf = [‘F’, ‘W’, ‘S’, ‘\x06’, ‘\x9b’, ‘\x03’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘L’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x13’, ‘\x88’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘N’, ’ ', ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x0c’, ‘\x01’, ‘\x00’, ‘C’, ‘\x02’, ‘ÿ’, ‘ÿ’, ‘ÿ’, ‘\x02’, ‘\x03’, ‘\x07’, ‘\x00’, ‘?’, ‘\x08’, ‘h’, ‘\x03’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x00’, ‘\x01’,

etc to a binary file? the give swfwrite doesn’t do it …
f = open(“c:/tmp/test.swf”,“wb”)
for byte in buf:
does not work???

Solved, encoding has to be added …

BUT the generate demo.swf (test!) does not show anything, no error, nothing, changing the background color in th source does not do anything ;-(

So I have to stop because the basic does not work and I have not enough SWF knowledge to solve this primary condition to be usefull at all …

Too bad :frowning:
Do you know someone in the blender artists forum who can keep on s2flender scripting?


I wrote just this morning an email to … who may know about it … have to wait for an answer :wink:

I hope this guy can provide help and a few more people show interest for s2flender before this script get lost in data nirvana

yet no answer ;-( but learning SWF … just solved a big problem compiling MING (opensource swf stuff) … looks good … I will see :wink:

Ok, sounds good if there is a little progress, I wait till you post the 1sr s2flender generated .swf example :slight_smile:

sorry, progress is very slow … ‘whole day trying to understand he swfHeaderBlock’ without success ;-( even with ming source …
so for the moment … no … (maybe later, is so intriguing)