S2flender (sflender v2.0) need animations (blend files) test

I finished the Sflender version 2 (S2flender). I made a lot of changes, I create a new rutine for the swf conversion. Before I used a 3d - 2d convertion to flat vertex points on the screen. This was nice but the SWF files that the Sflender script created were to big and the convertion was to SLOOOOWWWW. Now I change to a bitmap approach, so first I render using OpenGL and then I vectorize the image (with a simple but nice algorithm that I came up) this gave better results (in time ) and smaller SWF files (three times smaller).
I throw 600 lines of code to the garbage and create a new interface with a new pixelate option (see demo files).
Now I need some animations made in blender (.blend files) to make some other test and feel confortable of let the script out to the community. So post the URL where I can download your animations. Because of the time I will test at least 10 different blender files and I will post the results on my web page (with your permission :wink: ) and I will create a new tutorial.

Here is the URL with a ZIP file with the animations I made so far:


I want to finished this as soon as possible and post the results for the next week.

Thanks in advance.


Whoa, the 2nd verison of sflender looks even more cool!
I do not have my own anim, but how about the Konqi KDE ads by basse? It is several minutes long.

You might contact the people creating wink and ask them how they are vectorizing for the flash files they create.


Also they have other useful techniques such as pallete reduction.

Tom M.

Thanks Oyster! Nice animation. I exported to SWF with some modifications I have to change the Text Elements to Mesh, because my script only works with meshes. I can’t export the particles so maybe when they are available to python in blender I will do that. I also set a green color to the dragon. So with my good old PII/450Mhz. it take almost 2 hours to export but here is the result:


Test with this animation help me to fix some bugs and gave me new ideas.
I will create an new option to allow the user to export to a SWF file and another option to export some number of frames each time and create a some kind of file (maybe .SFS sflender frames sequence) and another script that combines this files in one SWF file.



Whoa, what a splendid script.
Yet another pretty Konqi! Thanx, eaguirre.

where is the script? (2.0)

I will add some corrections and It will be available at the end of this week.

Emilio :wink:

How’s the script?

I want to hear from eaguirre too.

yes, that’s near the 2nd week ago!

Sorry guys but I have been busy. I finished the sequencer option so now you will be able to convert fragments of the animation in different files (*.SFS Sflender File Sequence) and then put them all together in one SWF file. Giving some flexibility and tranquility when you’re exporting a huge animation (See KDE.swf from a link above).
Now I’m working in a small but explicit tutorial so you will be able to start using the script. I decided to keep the older Sflender (V1.x) alive because for some obscure reasons and also because It uses another approach to the export (flat 3D points in 2D screen). S2flender uses a vectorize algorithm and is more focused for animations and toon shading (with some effects like pixelate).
So be calm, I will finished (I mean for real this time %| ) the tutorial this thursday (4 nov) and post all this friday (5 nov). My web page will probably change, now it will be re-designed using of course (SWF) and I will get ride of the HTML (thanks to Pikilipita) but in the mid time you will have to still use my old one.

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