SA Independence day. Get a grip on this...

Could put this on news…cause it’s news to me = Far as I can gather, the animator of the Citroen commercial [ basis for New Peguin commercial - winnner of 2005 Suzanne best animation…] - made another film in 2005. Neill Bloemkamps work rocks, but only today saw something more of his local South-African work. You can watch Alive in Joburg on Google - and then we’ll talk about art…

The documentary style was nice, though not always very convincing; not because the aliens, but the way they were filmed (a bit too exaggerated, like the eye covering for example).

But the parts with the mechasuits/robots/or whatever… damn, let’s just say I can’t wait for the Transformers movie.

In case anybody did not get this, it has a strong local flavour. The aliens represent the illegal aliens that enter SA in huge numbers and then do everything that the movie depicts. Theft of electricity, for instance is a big problem. In many townships, the cabling actually looks worse than in this movie, as they connect pirate cables to the main supplies.

Neill’s got another quasi doc which is equally confronting - got it from

Law & order are popular SA themes… not just games. Life & art are married.