Saalistaja :) Update at page 2

Hi Today I was working on this one. What do you think??

Crits are welcome. I already noticed that the mouth part of the face is to flat… :

looks pretty promising. Good modeling. Can’t really say nothing more.

Actually I don’t know how to continue… I don’t like the cliche Hulk-like body. I want something original… Any ideas???

And another update… :smiley:


Clean looking wire, looks very good.

No hulklilke body? go oppiste direction then. Do something skeletal like then. Bony and spiky.

Maybe I’ll try a combination of the hulk like body and a skinny body… Just have to figure out how it should look… I think I make the shoulder part and chest very strong and below that it will become skinny… maybe :smiley:
The problem is that I’m not that good in skinny things, needs a lot of detail, I probably get bored… I’ve seen the borg creature in another thread and that’s a good skinny thing but I’m not quite sure if I could recreate that.

The big chest / skinny lower thing? Forthcoming is S(o)uperman.

No it’s not even human, look at his nose. It’s a marvel-like creature. From what I see, I would imagine someone in the submariner’s court (or whatever his name was, the atlantean, with little wings an his ankles, and pointy ears), so some underwater creature.

well actually a got inspired a long time ago by a comic (I actually don’t know if it’s a marvel or a topcow comic) which was about a creature without a nose and long black hair… But I don’t know the of it…
By the way does anyone knows how @ndy created the hair on his smeagul???

worked on the back today:

after a break I went to work again. He now has one arm, one thumb and one finger (he’s supposed to have two fingers).
Any comments are welcome…

If you are talking about the snowman, that is particles. if you mean the goblin creature, that is probably alpha mapped pngs.


new update!

some horselegs are in the planning…

i like the look of his pelvis/stomach area. Could you throw in a shot, with both halves connected? I’d like to see him whole.

As for name… you could call him/it “Saalistaja” :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, this is really great!
Keep those updates coming! :smiley:

here are some images of him mirrored. The legs are far from finished. They are supposed to look like the alien legs…
BTW what does that name mean, Hippy??

I’ll probably change his face in time but i first want to finish the body. There are some strange proportions in it

I like the overall look oh him/it. Propotions look very good.

And as for “Saalistaja”, it’s just Finnish translation of word “predator”.
I just turned my head, and there it was, on my DVD shelf. Predator DVD. That’s where it came from.

And here he is almost complete…
I ll do some minor tweaks on the model beofr I’ll make an armature…
After that Im conna texture it. Any ideas for the surface??

I really like the upper body but the legs I just dont think look quite right
it looks like they were just turned around and his butt is on the front
and his ab area is a bit square