Sabe WIP

Started this while learning head modeling-figured I’d finish her up. I still have the ear covers/feathers and some over all touches to go. C+C welcome

Very nice model

only little crit on the chin and the cheeks: The chin is a bit too spiky and the cheeks look a bit strange. Maybe they are a bit too big in the lower part of the face

the position of the eyes (the iris) towards the cam looks a bit strange. Maybe you should place the cam a bit more on the right side and the rotation of the eyes towards it … too ^^

me thinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice work. :yes:
The only discordant element is the black hood, which disconnects the right side of her face from her right ear covering. The left side seems to work, because all the transitions are abrupt, but on the right side, the shadows on her face gently fade into black, then there’s nothing, then the ear cover starts up with sharp lines. Doesn’t read as part of the same picture, especially with the DOF blur in the background. I’d try putting some ambient light on the hood so it’s not such an abyss between the face and the ear cover, or maybe increasing its material refl parameter. Right now it looks like a cut out from the image, and it’s making her head read as narrower than you’ve modeled it.