Saber tooth tiger

Year 2010 is tiger year in China.So I made a saber tooth tiger.

A big version:

The big version doesn’t display for me.

Beautiful job, I especially like te inside of the mouth.

My only crit is that the eyes are too wide open, but overall great work.

But saber tooth tigers have a dark line around there eyes.
like egyption make up .

Very nice fur.

That’s so cool I can almost see him moving :slight_smile:

Very nice
Could be a bit more ferocious though. The fossil records don’t tell us much, but my guess is that they would have had more cat-like eyes


Thank you all of you! I made this tiger according to the movie 10000 BC.And the big picture is added.

May be the eye is to open, I will change it in another version.

Tigers actually have somewhat round pupils unlike common cats so the image is pretty accurate. I agree that they are too wide open though.

Great work!! The hair is awesome.



Nice kitty! The fur is great. I also very much like the grass and the effect (Depth of Field?) that has your tiger in sharp focus with the rest of the scene slightly out of focus. That really pulls my eye to the tiger.

I use Depth of Field and save buffer for full sample.
This is the wire.

this is great :eek: always wanted to render hairs like that