SaberLock - Particle Generated Lightsabers

I want this to look really cool for a still-render and I’m not worried about the animation, so I decided to use the particle system. I wanted two clashing, sparking lightsabers and here is what I have so far:

Please tell me what you think it needs. If you want I can give you the .blend file, or if you want a bigger render just let me know. (The sparks look better on small renders)


Hey, good job, that looks very nice.

Have you or are you going to make the ‘handles’ (dont know what its called).

Good job

The hilts? Actually, a few years ago when I first discovered 3D modeling I made lots of lightsaber hilts in a program called Anim8or. I think I still have them somewhere and they would be easy to import into Blender, but I think I am going to make two new ones straight in Blender so I can get some practice in. First, though, I want to get the blades to look perfect.

I am going to updade the render soon because I noticed that the blades get less saturated near the top of the pic. I think this is because my world gets lighter at the zenith, I will fix that.

Thanks, and anybody let me know if you have more ideas.

Ok, I have a slightly different render at

If you compare it with the first one, I fixed the red blade where the glow used to slant at the top. That’s about all I can do with the blades, I’m probaly going to model the hilts now. That should take me a while lol.

hmm, something about the glows don’t look quite right. They look too irregular and wavy.

Yes, I couldn’t get the generated particles to generate uniform-like. I’m still messing with that.

Have you tried the Lightsaber plugin?


Oh my! That is so awesome! I never knew there was one…

Thank you I will mess with that :smiley: