Sabers, Compositing, and Star Wars In Blender

Ok, I have finally gotten enough web space to put a few of my movie clips up for people to see. These first three are all parts of a 10 minute movie I did, partly for a class project, partly just for fun. It took a lot of time, and just going back and watching it now, I can see a lot of things I could have done better. Anyway, here they are.

All the clips are between 1 and 5 MB.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

This is an animated Blender Logo I made.

Blender Logo

And this is a quick project I did for beggining college media class.

U of O Final Project

The assignment was to take the video clips, which he gave us, chop them up, and put music behind them. I did a little more. :slight_smile:

:o :o

I love the first clip.

good work.

funny and refreshing :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to have a camera and any talent in animation and compositing :wink:

LOL! fun fun fun!

Looks like you found some really good actors. Great sound effects too. I laughed out loud when the guy scratched up the car with his light saber. The first scene was also very well done. Man I love this stuff.

Yeah, that guy scratching the car, that was me :smiley: .

Good Actors? :o Righhhhht. :wink:

Actually, they were pretty good. And they toughed it out, though we actually only did three days of shooting film. Then I did the year’s worth of post production. :smiley:

Wow :o . I am very impressed. Could you share the material settings you used for the lightsabers? They were (in my opinion) as goos as the ones created by LucasArts!


Some of the sabers I did in Photoshop, some I did in blender. Sorry I didn’t clarify that. But I can post a .blend file with some of my lightsabers in it.

The lasers were all blender, R2 was obviously blender, and about 25% of the light sabers were in blender, the others I did as filmstrips in photoshop.

Awesome, totally cool. The lightsaber and laser guns clip, where just amazing cool. How did you combine the 3D with video? and can you post a lightsaber included video test with .blend file, to take a look how you did this. :smiley: And what kind of video camera do you use? :smiley:

It will be a couple of days before I can post up the .blend file. Have to get back to the computer that has it. :smiley:

As for the video camera. for most of that I used my old VHS monster. I also did some on a Hi8, then converted it to VHS so I could capture it. However, I have just bought a little Mini DV Panasonic (PV-DV-53 to be exact) off ebay. I have only been able to mess with it a little recently, but this summer I’m going to have some fun. :smiley:

Thanks for your guys’s comments (since they’ve all been good so far :wink: ) Keep 'em coming, and maybe some things I could improve on, though all this was done a while ago, except the blender logo and the college project. And the college project I did in one day, before it was due (one looonnngg day, talk about procrastination). But, that should be no excuse. :wink:

Pretty good, the only things that bugged me was tha camera shakiness (maybe a tripod would stop things like the scraches on the car moving around) and R2 moves to smoothly, like he’s on a hard floor instead of real ground. The Lightsabers are fantastic!

Great work, the lightsaber duel I thought was particularily cool when the blue one comes out of nowhere at the last minute, and the Snowspeeder shooting birds was hilarious. Amazing job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaa… :smiley: Those are awesome… I like the duels and the speeder guy shooting the camera…
Did you use blender for the compsiting too, or a more specialized program?

Woo! That was some awesome stuff!!! Very impressive.



I___ - everything there was done in Blender, composited in Blender, except for some of the light sabers, which I did in Photoshop by rotoscoping them. The lasers, the ships, the shadows the compositing, all done in good ol’ Blender.

:smiley: 10yrs from now we will be seeing these clip on real tv asking, “do you know who these actors are?” Good job. Love the sabers