Sabge game engine

Are there any graphic nodes available too? Or just logic atm.

if you mean the logic components included, initially there will be the basic ones (like the logic bricks of the bge), then as I develop games maybe I will also include others

I meant to say material nodes. So far I see some logic related nodes.

What about networking/online games? (Excuse me cause I dont know anything bout that), is there any thing premade or something for networking?

@RandomPerson i will have to make a nodes based system also for materials.
@ANSH nothing atm

The logic system is almost ready, here the first in-game edit test


Looks spectacular. Are the clouds themselves casting shadows, or the global-illumation/HRDI casting a shadowmap?

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It is like the clouds are casting shadows but not using shadows maps, it is a really cheap technique implemented in the rendering engine, they are not limited by any shadows box so they are wherever you could see the sun light, also you can notice that the shadows are semi-transparent based on how dense the clouds are


the order of execution can be important, so are added the labels that show it

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Auto generate texture nodes

The super mario material

The super mario prefab (initialization)

The super mario update (that uses the loaded python script)


now the editor is able to communicate directly with sabge


Hi! it looks very cool, please tell me what kind of navigation system you are planning in the Sabge engine? navmesh? or something else? and what level of detail in models will be allowed by the number of polygons per model?

I haven’t implemented any kind of navigation system yet, usually in games, when I happened to have to define routes I used precomputed 3D point clouds as a database for some space search algorithms … so, in the future, I would do something similar

I don’t know what the limit on the number of possible polygons for a model could be, since an object can have several connected meshes to render, hypothetically if there was a limit per mesh, we could split the model into several meshes, so in the end I have to answer that it is a question related more to the hardware (gpu)

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Thank you for your answer - I will follow your progress in developing the Sabge game engine - I wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: