Sabrina (English translation via Google]

If a Linux guru gets this to work let me know. I’m still new to Linux (Debian) and I haven’t been able to compile it myself. If someone was able to create a shell script or an .rpm that might be helpful.

I use Alien to help me with .rpms under Debian. I was able to install 2.0 under Debian stable using alien for example.

Anyway, I’d like to get Sabrina installed.

Thanks and enjoy.

Grab the binary from the website, it’s already compiled. Try to run the ‘sabrina3d’ executable ( ./sabrina3d ) in the ‘sabrina3d-bin’ directory from the command line. If you get a complaint about missing libraries, google search for those libraries and find out what packages they belong to. You should be able to find all the resourses you need for your distro. I’m not using Debian, but I know you can easily find what you need.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. I am running sabrina3d as I type this.

The funny thing is I would go to the sabrina3d-bin directory and only type ‘sabrina3d’ vs’./sabrina3d’. I had also tried running the executable buy double clicking it in Nautilus.

Command Line 1, ec2 0.

What distribution end are you running out of curiosity?

I’m glad you got it to work.

Hey, you’re a Linux person now. Cool. I’ve heard good stuff about Debian and the various Debian derivatives. Me? I’m running Mandriva 2006.

Now really…Don’t you just hate when someone just assumes that everyone speaks his language…:slight_smile:

Skottish, AxeZ,

Have either of you had any problems with the software? In particular, editing a mesh? Each time I try I get an error and the application crashes.