Sackboy's Adventure looking for a story boarder

Hi guys, Sackboy’s Adventure is a short animated movie being realized with Blender. We have a script, part of the storyboard, several sketches for layout. At the moment, the crew, around 12 people, is mainly working on the modeling, but we also have a tunes master (and a couple of themes already done). Also, scene layouts are being worked on, camera settings, switches and so on.
What we really need now, though, is to complete the storyboard. We are looking for someone who can work on this. The script is 9 scenes long, settings are all exteriors. The storyboard can take up from where the first one has stopped, or be done totally anew.
If you’re interested and want to give a look at the actual development, please come to see Project Sackboy, the production site for Sackboy’s Adventure, or just reply to this post.