Sacred Family SXXI

A modern concept about Gaudi´s design.
Modelled in Blender and Rendered in Povray with Blend2pov.
Thanks for comments :smiley:

Very nice work!

I like the look, especially the windows on the towers.

i’d love a fev close ups!! :smiley:

Great work!
Just one thing though : I don’t think, with such wide angle lens ans such distant point, that the depth blur should be so noticeable (on the frontmost buildings). As it is, it looks like it’s a small size model shot with a macro lens from a few centimeters.

But this does not spoil your work! :wink:

Be well

Great work thuleke, que mas te puedo decir que no te haya dicho ya jejeje . . Un saludo

Congrats, I think it is a beautiful render. You still could use some mate painting onto the sorrounding buildings. Nice work anyway.

Honestly, one of the best renders I have ever seen done in PovRay.

Great work.


Thank you for comments ! :smiley:

Daniel thul

gotta love povray. I agree about the DOF - that’s usually used to make things look closeup, so this looks like a miniature. It is, however, an awesome effect if you intended it. you are truly a master of POVray please make some tutorials!

great render! definite pro quality! not sure if i agree with the concept/design though…
keep it up

:smiley: Congratulations!

Povray! Povray! Povray! :p.

very nice, but the foreground elements dont seem to match at all with the rest of the image, they look extra tall and weird.

only thing stopping me from the 5 star button!


great pro work -should be good advt for archviz with povray!can u give some info about lighting(hdri?),metal material,radiosity settings.

Magnificent… just magnificent.
You just scored yourself five stars.
Great job!

really nice
only the blur in front doesn’t add anything to the picture (more distracts then annything else)
and I’d say frank o’gehry instead of gaudi but then again I’m no architect.
Really nice

Sweeet! This is cool! Only miner IMO is the cross. Also IMO the DOF is a bit overdone. Perhaps loose it completely for more believeablility, IMO.