I have no idea where the inspiration for this came from. But I made it and here it is! Its the biggest thing I’ve done in blender!

Render Time : 3hrs 4mins 8.71secs according to Blender

4 hemilamps and 5 spotlamps
AO16 and OSA16

So I’m not really surprised with that!

Crits welcome

ok, for the sake of helping you out, I’m gonna give some critique:

  1. rendering time:
    3 hrs of rendering time for a scene like this is horrible. actually, 3 MINUTES of rendering time for something like this would be horrible.

  2. lighting:
    HEMI lamps should only be used in extreme cases. Also, I don’t see the need for 4 hemi lamps in any case. hemi lamps give overall lighting (aka, non-directional) so you could just as well use 1 light and tweak the settings for intensity.
    The clipping of the 5 spotlights is visible on the pilar, you could tweak the width and distance to get rid of that.

  3. OSA:
    OSA 16 is nice and all, but it is meant to remove jagged edges. as you can see on that stone-thingies, they are so low-poly that you see the edges anyway…I would recommend fixing that.

Resist the urge to use AO on everything you do. I don’t think it is needed in this scene.

I hope I helped you a bit with this, remember that I’m not trying to be harsh!

good luck


Also, lowering the image size would make the pic easier to view (I’m running at 1152x864 and I have to scroll to be view the entire image), and lowering the filesize would make the people on dialup a little happier ;).

Good start! One thing you might experiment with is setting OA to SUB and turning up the power a bit.