Sad BlueBear

Yesterday I opened blender and started to model something and this is what I got.

Looks sad eh?

Oh - I just want to pick him up and cuddle him! :smiley:


Soooo cute, I just want to club him like a baby seal.

Actually you did a great job capturing the facial expression. It really seems to have character. Keep up the great work. The only critic that I have is there seems to be some wrinkles on the outer side of the eyes.



Hm… he does look sad… he’d be more cute with some short fur, also the nose is black wich is not so cute…

Soooo cute, I just want to club him like a baby seal.

Are you joking ? this bear will eat you…

The expression in his eyes is so real. Poor bear.

Nice work. Bear material can be better tho.

Has alot of character :smiley: Really captured that cute/sad feeling.

ya he is so cute! i’ll be his friend! cause i have been informed not to just post two word things - where did your inspiration come from? - a bad childhood? :wink:

very nice!

better to post 2 word posts than to post senseless, yet long, trash.
But it’s better to NOT post, than to post 2 word posts. :wink:

BTW, he’s so cute.

jeese i can’t win for losing - i didn’t just post “nice work” and i added a bit of a question so how is that senseless? and i didn’t post that just cause i posted cause i want to know where his inspiration came from!

Looks as if it has a lot of character, good job. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t really get the inspiration from anywhere. I just started to model and then I decieded to make a bear becouse it started to look like one :smiley: .

P.S. More bears coming…


He looks crestfallen

Awwwww, he’s sooooo cute!

His face kinda looks like a horse, though.

aw, cuuuute.

Can I hold him?

I llike his expression, he looks just so sad. But I’d love to see furry version of him.

nice, great character! Modelling is good, background is good, might do some work on the texturing though…