Sad bOB [Facial Rig]

Got a little bored, so I decided to model something.

LOOK LOOK, it’s a link!!!
Just for fun decided to take some screenshots along the way:

Little update:

It’s amazing that you can fit so much into so little. Really great stuff.

I really like this. The model is awesome. Realistic and cartoony at the same time. I’d love to see a full model. (The hat needs a little work though)
p.s. How do you get it to draw fully subsurfed but with only some edges like that? Are you using multires?

BlackBoe: Thanks…

I decided to try rig the character… try move that one bone:

Some of you have already seen the mouth rig I made for my other character. This one I think is better, give it a try:

Main bone here is the Jaw bone, the big bone, try to move that around!

I’ve always wanted to see how you go about making your stuff. I’ve tried that method before, but i’ve never had the balls to use so few edges for the profile…

The rig is neat as well… I’m gonna dissect this and the other rig you put up here a little while ago cause i’m struggling with the facial rigs for my current project.

I love how low poly your stuff is, and yet still able to pull off some really dynamic facial stuff and emotions. Thx for the .blends you post. Hopefully i’ll be able to put up some stuff of my own soon, after i’ve fully tackled rigs :stuck_out_tongue:

Squiggly_P: Thanks…

Small update. I added bones that stretch to bones that are parented to the jaw bone. These bones affect the upper cheek vertices that fatten and stretch as the jaw is lowered.
(Note most of the bones are hidden in other layers.)

Sorry, haven’t checked on this in a while. I’ve said it before, but I love your rig setups. Great job. A lot of imagination must’ve gone into this design.

I was originally going to post the rig when I was completely done, but for the benefit of those that want to try replicate the monstrosity, I’ll be posting after every step. :smiley:

This time I’ve gotten the nose involved:

Great stuff, man, I am always impressed by your minimalist topography. Looks like a pretty crazy rig, are you going to use IPO drivers?

Hey Calvin!

Sweet rig! Looking forward to seeing it complete!

sketchy: Hey Sketchy! Haven’t talked to you in ages. How are things going?
Modron: Thanks. Are you referring to making IPO drivers which drive shapekeys? If so, than NO. I’m trying to do a fully rigged character, shapekeys is cheating!

As far as rigging goes, the way I had the eyes modeled, it was quite impossible to add any rig (unless I do shapekeys+ipo drivers) so I remodeled the eyelids. I still need to work on getting the eyes not to bleed through and close properly (need to play around with weights or do slight tweaking of vertices) But here is what I have so far:

I also attached the upper cheek deformation to the side IK bones, so when you pull the edge it causes a deformation.

Enjoy :eyebrowlift2:

:smiley: funny the hat… Is bOB chinese/korean/japanese?

About the rig, do you use vertex groups or enveloppes?

Love your rig, as usual.

Also, aws: Yeah, vertex groups. Envelopes aren’t that good for much except the most simple deformations.

BlackBoe: Thanks for your support! :smiley:
aws357: Yes everything is vertex groups, also this allows me to give certian vertices a certain weight value.
blenditall: I think you posted a few seconds after I did. Sorry, didn’t get to respond. The whole mesh is subsurfed, no multires.
Little Update:

The eyelids should not bleed through anymore. I also limited the side to side movement of the eyelids (since in real life there isn’t much movement in that respect)

I did a quick rigging of the eyebrows (might make it a bit more complicated later :evilgrin: )

Another change is that now the area between the eyes and nose moves with the jaw bone and corners of mouth bones. (The images above were posed before this improvement)

This is very very cool- so expressive and so easy to control and yet so few polygons! It’s amazing.

One small thing I did notice that seemed strange is that when all the way closed, the eyelids still move with the eye point bone so that the eyelid seam which normally does not move is moving around with eye point and looking odd.

Otherwise- perfect

j0llyr0ger: Thanks, will take a look.

If you are “Bored/Out of your mind/Have nothing else to do” here is something you can take a look at: :smiley:

I’m thinking about writing a tutorial of some kind, but before I do that I need to find the best method of doing it. The above link refers to an “easier” setup of the mouth rig… than what I have in the character posted above.

You should write some kind of set-up guide at some point so I can poach your technique.

ok… lol :eyebrowlift2:
Started working on the body: