Sad muscle dog

I made this in 3d coat… I’ve had the demo for five days or so. That’s why I’d love some voxel sculpting in blender, aside from metas. I think I’ll buy it anyway, when my trial is out.

Is voxel alot faster?

Well, there are no topology restrictions, so for instance, you can draw out your shape in blobs, smooth it out, scribble details, tweak them, and you have a character.

Basically, imagine a sphere and the grab brush in blender’s sculpt mode. You grab the edge of the sphere far outward, then if you try and drag a spike out of the side of the rod you yanked from the sphere, the polygons are too stretched. Voxels are a volume, so basically you can just drive a hole straight through your object with a subtractive brush.

That’s what I was thinking… so it’s slower on the CPU? Because it’s drawing millions of little cubes, right?

That’s what I was thinking… so it’s slower on the CPU? Because it’s drawing millions of little cubes, right?
Basically your correct. Voxels are slower than polygons.

However, voxels could be used in real-time applications assuming they use heavy optimization. Another reason voxels are slower than polygons is due to the fact that voxels don’t have native hardware optimization - polygons do.

The biggest problem with voxels, though, is memory size. If you had 16 voxels in a meter and you created world that is 1000 X 1000 X 1000 meters in size, the maximum file size could be 16 GB. If you created a world that has dimensions of 10000 X 10000 X 10000 the maximum file size could be 17 TB.

It’s not drawing cubes, it’s displaying it the same way fluid sim and metas look in blender.

But it’s calculating it in cubic grid spaces which come in millions… it’s only slow if you try to paint on a lot of the area at once.

Also, you can draw volume out of nothing.

I guess, there are some optimizations you can do… for instance, checking if certain voxels actually are needed right now and discard them from calculation, until other voxels, close to them actually get tweaked…
Or inside the volume, use “bigger” voxels, to fill more with less…
Everything could get split up dynamically…

It doesn’t seem to lag at all in 3d coat though, it’s very optimized already, even with millions of polygons. As I said, it only lags if you paint over a lot of voxel at once. This dog can be rotated in realtime very smoothly within the program.

Here’s something new.

I was thinking about buying that. I’ll need a better PC to get the most out of it, tho. My current one just can’t handle too much of a load. Sculpting is my bane. I’d love to really give it a whirl, but my PC is just totally not up for the stress at all.

I think I’ll try the demo and see how it runs.

I love 3D coat. I’ve seen a lot of great things done with it as well.

I love blender :smiley:

Well, my 3dc demo juuuust expired… so, let’s see where this goes.

blender is nice and i love 3d coat its great

I was mostly loving the voxel tools, but its texturing capabilities are awesomeness as well!