sad :((( take two - "almost" usable LOL - Sept 22 SUCCESS YAY!!

I just recorded a 90 minute car modeling tutorial but can’t watch it because all that is displayed is a little square around the mouse where ever i moved it during recording. A real mess LOL (you gotta be able to laugh about this!)
Does anybody have experience with record my desktop using Linux?
I wonder what i am doing wrong?

What software are you using to record it?


(which used to work fine in the past)

Now i feel a strong temptation to do this in xp!

there’s a commandline argument or something that you need to turn on to get that to work with Blender. I think… i can’t remember what I did. Are you useing the GUI version? I think the GUI version is the one that was easier to get working…

i did use the gui version but can’t explain the strange behavior. I remember in the past that the screen would not record a yafray render … but that wasn’t the issue here.
Anyway, i’ve decided to go back to dual booting and do this in xp which wasn’t successful ether because as soon as i drew the window (using Cam Studio) i got an error message.
I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the frame i drew wasn’t a format the divx can deal with.
At least now i know where there are not many new video tutorials out there for blender :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s time to start bombarding digital tutors and lynda to make blender tutorials … they have somehow figured out how to do this stuff :slight_smile:

You forgot to enable “full shot at every frame”.

By default RecordMyDesktop captures only the areas that have changed on screen. This speeds up recording quite a bit, but it doesn’t work with OpenGL applications using hardware-accelerated rendering.

I am surprised that you recorded a full 90 minutes tutorial without testing the recording app in advance.

That’s it. Also, when using CamStudio, use their lossless capture codec. You can use any size capture rectangle you want, and later crop it so it will meet the DivX standards. So long as you use their ‘fast’ codec for capturing, you will get a pretty good speed for the capture, and you will end up with a lossless video which you can crop, edit, etc without having to worry about encoding it more than once (re-encoding a video stream via DivX or Mpeg will often make it looks like a pile of poo). The only problem is that you need to have some RAM. Their lossless codec is great, but it makes some heavy files, too. I think I’ve gotten about 45 minutes on this system before it started getting laggy, but that’s really the only issue I ever had with their codec. This PC has only 1 gig of ram, so if you have more than that you’re probably safe for over an hour. I’ve since switched to time-lapse modelling :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you i208 & Mr.Squiggly!
Now i finnaly know what went wrong and! what i need to do in order to pull this off.
I think cam studio is the better choice for this task so … will see how it turns out?

Gratias amigos :slight_smile:

ok, i re recorded that tut and have now a 4 gig file in “My Documents” folder.
It would be nice if i could actually play it. For some reason the included player just hangs without playing.]
VLC can open it but the output is garbage.

I would have never thought that making a tutorial is such a headache. But at least this time i saved the model i created too … so at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time like the first try.
Anyone who has this figured out … please enlighten me?

Come to think of it, I might not have a proper version of CamStudio because for some reason i downloaded a “portable” version.
Are you guys using version 2 or 2.5?

Try opening it in Virtual dub and saving it under another codec. I’m not 100% sure this will work right now but its a good chance. I just have to open my laptop and check real quick, but I use Camstudio and Virtual Dub so I think you have a good chance of changing the codec. If you don’t have the Huffyuv codec I recommend getting it.

Ok seriously… :frowning:

Before you do this to yourself again i might have to point something out.

Before you start a massive video recording of a tutorial, do some test recordings first.

Whenever im about to do a video tutorial or a timelaps i usually spend anywhere up to half an hour preparing. As youve worked out already, just jumping into a recording wont work, youll end up making one of many possible mistakes with the initial setup and the whole thing wont work in the end.

So, before you start a massive tutorial do some rough tests, and look at the video youve made during those tests, that way you can see it its working, and if its in the right size, framerate, format etc etc etc etc.

Wow, you made the same mistake AGAIN??

so this is a tutorial? I’d really like to see it xD

I use CamStudio 2.5 and have no problems opening it in Windows.

sort of …

OK, i found out what the problem was :slight_smile:
For some reason, I ended up on some wordpress blog site that offered a “portable” version of CamStudio. THAT ONE only records a few minutes and then just creates a mess from that point on.
I’ve downloaded the 2.5 version and am happy to report that i was able to make a 200 MEG recording creating the rims. The file saved and played back without a hitch.
Now i have a lot of work ahead of me but would appreciate a quick user input. As i’m going to record this over the next several days (it’s quite a large project to do a concept car from start to finish) i’d appreciate a quick “brain storm” for an ideal window dimension that would work for you guys.
How about 1200 x 800 (if i can compress that (divx complains))?
Codec: is divx or x264 preferred?
I’m still testing the setup but will release the individual files as soon as i have them ready so that you guys can critique the parts that I did not explain well enough.

OK, this is exciting! … finnaly :wink:

ok, happy things worked for you…

over here camstudio on vista works fine for less than ~25 minutes, if i record anything longer than that, no player is able to play it… i tried it more than once and haven’t gotten it to work… i’m pretty sure it’s the latest version since i got it from their website…

anyone experienced something similar?

I myself record with CamStudio in clips, and then throw it into Sony Vegas Studio 9. Depending where you look it can be $40 - $70 these days. Its a great program and I use it for all my video projects. I also use the VirtualDub tool a LOT, and that’s Open Source and uses filters and can change the size of your video nicely. Looking at your home page omemanblend, its something you might want to look into. I myself in the next month need to work on a tutorial DVD for a convention on “A Beginner’s Guide to 3D using Blender” from TDOstudios.

As for a codec -

Divx should be a private use only codec…but I don’t know if anybody follows that anymore. x264 is still being worked with, but it works.
I recommend using Huffyuv for your project work, and then use another codec for when you want to finalize your project.

thanks nicktechyguy,
i will check that out. A little earlier this evening i was playing with virtualdub to learn what settings would work best. By the looks of it, one minute of video will equal about 2 MEG of data.
The tut is going to be 'round 2 hours which means the file size will be about 250 to 300 MEG.
Will see, tomorrow I’ll know more :slight_smile:

x264 is the best option. With the correct settings and using the MP4 container format, the result will be compatible with Quicktime.