:open_mouth: Truly amazing! Can you tell me please for how long you were making this piece?

Absolutely insane.
It’s as lifelike as can be.
Well done!

this is so amazing!!!
may i just ask how you made these skin details???
ii don’t think you sculpted them i saw the GIF

i am facing this problem with will smith and i can’t really get the skin details right i even tried painting bumb map with texture painting useing stincel and alphas but…its really so slow and lagy and i can’t even find any good alphas to use

so what do you advice me to do…


Jez the skin looks is so real

Mind blowing

Absolutely fantastic!

So I’m guessing the steps were:

  1. model base mesh in Blender
  2. sculpt in ZBrush
  3. texture in Mudbox
  4. render in Blender


I actually thought this was a photograph when I saw it on the gallery initially. Crazy! Nice job.

Superb. Looks real

awesome work dude…

Awesome, realistic :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Great work, @kanishk2391 !! :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

wow this is amazing!

OMG i thought it was a photo :astonished :astonished: AMAZING! If I ever achieved what you did I could rest in peace for sure :heart_eyes:

Great work !!

This is very good in all aspects. very talented my man, keep it up

This is nuts, appart from the hair density that’s a bit lacking, it’s basically a picture

This is so cool. I’ve been showing it to my friends and family! I like the one test in the gif with his eyes in color and everything else in Black and white. Great job!

Wooooow this is amazing !!!