Saekif Game Team WE NEED YOU!

Hey everybody! SO I started this game about a year and a half ago and it has a long history, but the good part is that it is finally feeling traction. I want to give you as many DETAILS as possible but the point is I’m really EXCITED about this game. I hope you are too! I totally think that the Blender engine is the method for all the pre-production of my game so that is the route that my 3D Modeler Artist and I am taking. Now we would like new people to join our group with certain abilities but something tells me you wont want to join unless you get a good bone first!

So here is some good photos that we have modeled and configured then I will explain the position I am running and who else is currently on the team. So here it goes:

Anti-Power first started as a concept of a First Person Shooter game with modern warefare but a citizen story game. The main character is unjustly placed in prison for a Murder and a Conspiracy he was not apart of. So he has to find out the truth; and well hunt down the man that set him up, the President. He first starts the game with breaking out of Prison (which we have some excellent modeling done in so far). Now the prison is placed on an island off of the western coast of Southern United States. So when you break from the prison you basically have to head over to mainland any way you can. But the entire game is based in a open world where you have to solve the mystery of the crime and who works in the organization behind the conspiracy and try to catch the President.

Now that is enough of the story for now! But I do have some pretty amazing photos of the modeling by Arijan. DO realize that most of the models have not seen the Texturing stage yet.

Now those photos were mainly of the prison because that is our main focus right now. But let me explain who is currently on the team and what we all do!

Connor Thomas - Director, and Animator
Arijan Belec - Main Modeler
Alexander Thomas - Secondary Modeler, and Main Texture Painter
Jesse Ormand - Main Theme Composer
Alex Coeles - Concept Artist
Benjamin Nolet - Voice Actor

Yes, we are a small team! But I have a pretty big dream and am SURE we can accomplish it. I am currently trying to do some programming to keep the boat sailing but pretty soon I will need a experienced programmer. If you are interested please comment bellow. Or if you have any questions feel free to ask. I know we can do this! SO LETS DO IT!

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