Safe Ngon - a tool for auto reposition ngon's edges (free)

Safe Ngon is an interesting tool for re-position the edges position of your ngon-based mesh.

This is an experimental tool.

  1. You select some ngon faces, then run the tool

  2. It will re-position your ngon’s “sharp edge” to the middle of long edge.

It has some benefits, for example you can bevel it easier, and has lesser strange shading.


It is free on gumroad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The useful thing. Thanks

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Really nice thanks :slight_smile: may be it can help with safe bevel to have a better base :+1:

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After test not so much with safe bevel, but amazing with regular bevel modifier really cool thanks

Very very helpful! Thanks Kushiro!

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Yes I tested it too. I will try to improve safe-bevel, and try to fix some bugs too. :sweat_smile:


This tool Safe-ngon is created when I am researching Safe-bevel.
It was designed to be part of safe-bevel :sweat_smile:
However, since safe-bevel does not directly benefit from it yet , so I decided to split this part,
and become an independent tool for free :smile:


I haven’t seen the topic for Select sim addon so I’m writing here.
Could You add option to select similar but only planar?