safe quit is not safe

QKey is safe, but how about click the X icon on the top right cornor of Blender interface?

That can be annoying since there’s no warning or anything, it shouldn’t be too hard to put a notice on that.


the q key has a confirm [which annoys me very much] in the cvs version of blender

the x button can’t really because, well, where would the dialog go?

dialogs in blender are canceled when the cursor is taken off of them, but as the close button isn’t inside the window your cursor starts off of them

[the cvs version doesn’t propmt you if you want to quit if you hit the close button]

why would you use the X button to quit anyway?
[well, I guess I always have a hand on the keyboard and want something like control+q, so perhaps I needn’t ask]

Actually, the Q key confirmation has been taken away now, so it’s back to as it used to be in 2.34. What has been added though is this:

This option loads up your file exactly as it was when you last quit. It’s a good solution since a) it lets you exit Blender nice and quickly, keeping the standard ‘move mouse away’ to cancel a popup menu, and b) it works for all methods of quitting, including the X button on the window frame.