Safety! an animation

At my high school every senior has to do a culminating project that somehow benefits the community. Because I plan on majoring in Computer Science with a focus on animation at the University of Washington next year I made an animation about safety. It’s actual helpfulness to the community is a bit iffy :eyebrowlift:, but I think it turned out pretty good and I’m confident I passed!

I realize that the sound quality is lacking, and that there are a several errors throughout the video. But what’s done is done, and I think this turned out pretty good for my first ever character animation.

If there’s any interest. I can post the blend file…

That was a really good animation.
Here is something I saw
The mouth was open for most of the animation.
I also really loved the cracks.

I loved it! True it’s not Lord of the Rings quality, but I really think you did a great job. I know the mouth was open all the time, and the fall through the crack was just a little off, but I found the entire animation funny and infornative, which is exactly what I believe you were trying to accomplish. Several times I caught myself while watching saying “WTF?” and laughing out loud!

excellent work. and funny too!
the only weird part was when a couple of rocks fell right through the gaps in the helmet.

Thanks everybody!

A lot of those mistakes were just because I ran out of time… I procrastinated until two weeks before it was due, and then had to spend 85 hours out of school finishing it. By the time it finished rendering (5.5 days split over three three computers), I only had time to fix the most glaring errors.

I’m glad you all enjoyed it! That was my main goal.

PS. I passed!

that’s pretty awesome, only thing it’s lacking is a heavy object falling on his head as the camera zooms out at the end.