Safety Precautions against CoronaVirus Disease

By following good respiratory hygiene, you protect the people around you from viruses such as cold, flu, and COVID-19.

Stay home and self-isolate even with minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, until you recover. Have someone bring you supplies. If you need to leave your house, wear a mask to avoid infecting others. Why? Avoiding contact with others will protect them from possible COVID-19 and other viruses.

If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention, but call by telephone in advance if possible and follow the directions of your local health authority. Why? National and local authorities will have the most up to date information on the situation in your area.

Actually, it just comes down to “do what your mamma told you.” Ordinary hygeine, like “wash your hands with soap and water” and “sneeze into your shirt sleeve” and “stay home if you’re running a fever,” are remarkably effective practices. (Soap basically de-constructs a virus particle.)

COVID is a corona-virus, which is a fairly large family of very-mutagenic viruses which (along with rhinoviruses) are responsible for “the common cold” ("a-choo!"), as well as some much-more nasty things. Infections are most commonly spread by contact: you picked up the wrong box of cereal, then you chewed your fingernails, and your immune system was having a bad hair day. Oops.

Mask-wearing, however, really won’t help anything: it might make things worse. Viruses are infinitely too-small to be filtered out by cotton or paper. It’s virtually certain that your mask is by now dirty, and when you’re fiddling with it you’re putting your hands in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t make things harder on your immune system than they already are, virtuous though you might intend to be.

We now see that the “human behavior changes” that we attempted to use to counter this pathogen … really didn’t do anything useful at all. :man_shrugging: “But they looked so good on paper!”

Viruses and bacteria have been an unfortunate part of life on Planet Earth since the dawn of time. We cannot start to live our lives in mortal fear of them, because then we would no longer be living.

If we don’t get exposed we don’t get immune system working. Simple as that. Know & care as for thyself so for others. As it always were, we all evolve together. We feed & we’re food. This is life.

This is dangerous idiocy. You don’t get your immune system working by exposing it to a potentially fatal new virus.

This Malthusian nonsense of devil take the hindmost is for the libertarian circle jerkers, I put a higher value on human life. Science will defeat the virus like it has defeated many dangerous viruses like Small Pox.

We will attain herd immunity through vaccination not letting this virus rip through populations and allowing the weak and the old to perish.

But it isn’t just the old and the weak who have their lives turned upside down, I know of a once fit and healthy 35 year old woman whose life has been changed by the virus. She can no longer climb a short flight of stairs without being out of breath, she suffers with chest pains and cannot sleep well due to being breathless. She only had mild symptoms of the ‘flu’.

In our local paper a 40 year old man was taken into hospital unable to breath he came out 75 days later blind in one eye and with reduced vision in the other.

Any of you grade A idiots want to test your immune system against covid and end up like the two people above?

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There are two incredibly cheap supplements which have been clinically proven to be effective for limiting the more significant Covid symptoms.

Vitamin D and Zinc.

Take these two supplements to give yourself the best possible chance of a good outcome should you be unfortunate to catch the virus.

Be careful with vitamins and such.
Some of them can cause other symptoms due to over dosing. Educate yourself what can and cannot be taken for longer periods of time or in what dosage.

And we all know the drill by now. Stay safe peeps!

Of course that should go without saying, one should always take advice from a medical expert for personal dosing requirements especially if you’re taking other medication.

Many healthy people are deficient in Vit D and Zinc. They are cheap and clinically proven to inhibit viruses and studies conducted with covid patient data show significant positive effects from good Vit D and Zinc levels.

Just curious. Why would you say that a lot of experts (i.e. virologists, epidemiologists) have changed their stance on this? From “masks are useless or even bad” to “mask are very useful for stopping the spread and a little bit useful for protection”.
Are they stupid? Are they uninformed? Are they lying? Or something else?

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They changed their stance because governments lied in the beginning because PPE stocks were so low that if the public bought up all the masks there would’ve been an even greater shortage for medical staff.

This lie at the beginning has done untold damage.

Mask wearing does help because it reduces one of the main vectors of transmission, spit particles loaded with viruses. It’s not a panacea but it’s one helpful step in reducing direct transmission and spread on surfaces. I don’t understand why people are so against wearing a mask.

In Asia is someone is unwell you’ll often see them wearing a mask on public transport out of decency for their fellow citizen.


There is dangerous disinformation in this thread. Mask wearing is regarded by the overwhelmingly majority of scientists and medical professionals to be important in regards to the current pandemic.

It’s not going to make it much harder for the mask wearer to contract Covid 19. It’s not for that. It makes it harder for the mask wearer to pass on Covid 19 if they are unknowingly infected.

Masks, of the type mainly worn, are about droplet control. They can’t stop single virus particles from passing through them, but they can, and do, stop large droplets of moisture (containing virus).

Surgeons and operating staff don’t wear masks because they think they might catch something from their patient. Surgeons don’t wear masks because they think the masks will stop single virus particles passing through them. Droplet control.

And as noted by @anon71893420 above your immune system is of little use when talking about a novel (new) coronavirus. No-one’s immune system would recognise the virus. Immune system response to it is often what results in death or serious organ damage.


I don’t think so. I think they honestly didn’t believe that masks were useful. That is because if something isn’t up to medical standards it is quickly dismissed as completely useless. Also because if a scientists says “no proof of being useful” it is often understood by laymen as “does not work”.
However, scientists tend to be able to learn and admit that they were wrong so that is what happened. In the beginning nearly all (western) scientists said that masks are useless. It is not possible to make that many independent people lie the same lie.
The explanation for why masks were considered useless in the beginning requires no large scale cover up to be plausible.

I think the reasons they didn’t advocate mask wearing early on was it was considered far less efficient at curtailing the spread of the virus than alternatives like lockdowns, decreased contact between people and the like. It would have been much harder to impose lockdowns if at the same time you were telling people that masks were efficient.

On their own they aren’t. As lockdowns and restrictions were eased they became more important.

They obviously didn’t consider that a large proportion of people are hard-of-thinking and yet here we are, anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, covid deniers, plandemic believers and 5G cretins abound.


When have you ever had a medical procedure/operation without the surgeon wearing a mask?

Science knows how effective mask wearing is and knew long before covid19 was a thing.

Whatever the reason for the U turn on mask wearing the fact that remains the messaging has been a mess especially in the UK and allowed the cranks a void to spread their nonsense.

So, do you think the experts lied or do you think they really didn’t know?
Or am I wrong and there actually was a signifcant amount of experts advocating masks who were simply ignored?

They never said that ffp2 and ffp3 masks were useless. They said that the general population should not get these types of masks because they were in shortage and required for medical personel.

They said that home made masks out of cotton and similar maks were probably useless and might make people think that they are safe when they are not.
Then after doing research they concluded that cotton masks actually were useful stopping the spread and at least a bit useful for protecting the wearer.

I can not speak for the UK but that is how it was messaged in Germany by the media, politicians and the Fauci equivalents weakly podcast.

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Neither. Mask wearing alone wasn’t efficient enough to prevent spread of the virus. They knew that more stringent measures were required.

Mask-wearing is a compromise that allows economies and societies to open up a bit more and move towards more normal activity. The alternatives are accepting that the ill, weak and vulnerable (as well as a significant number of “healthy” people) will die unnecessarily or strict lockdowns.

I guess there is a misunderstanding. I was talking about DIY cotton masks but that was not evident from my posts.

I’m happy to stand corrected but I do not recall the situation as you stated in the UK.

In the UK there was no definitive statement on type of mask one should use/not use until they U-Turned. We were to to avoid the n95 masks as they did not filter exhaled breath only inhaled breath.

The mask wearing nations in Asia managed far better and are still managing far better. There’s also far more social discipline on show too which has helped. The scenes in Liverpool and London over the last weekend appear to show some Brits have a deep lack of concern for their fellow citizens.

Sweden is often held up as an exemplar for not having a lockdown. I wonder if there are many examples of Swedes engaged in drunken street parties during the pandemic? Are Swedes showing better social discipline and refraining from pea brained moronic behaviour so lockdowns don’t need to happen? I’d love to know.

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Same here. Too many people have stopped caring and since today we are back to partial lock downs because people just couldn’t get drunk at home.

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