Sagedread Unlimited's - Anomaly >> 4th month project update

Hey guys, about 4 months back, i started a new game project called anomaly. Well, most may have forgotten about it, and probably thought we all gave up on the project or something of that sort…but your wrong. Anomaly is STILL in the works and soooooo much content has been created. I want to know what you all think of the game so far and to ask for any criticism on it. I think you guys will absolutely love the content that we have. You can veiw the storyline, our latest models and renders, our team to-do list, and our HUGE anomaly forum at:

And to convince you guys to check out what we have, here’s an in-game screenshot of one of the hospital rooms.

Notice how its only running at 7 fps, i haven’t setup the dynamic loading script or any other optimization scripts yet…


I don’t think most of us forgot it, I think all of us did :stuck_out_tongue: there are new project announced every day, all of them wanting to something great. This however looks really really good. Keep it up!

Just from the screenshot, I’d say you want to look closest at normals and sorting- the legs of the table are inside-out, and the blood is too close to the floor.

Looks pretty solid otherwise : )

[edit] Whoops, double-post.

Thanks alot guys! Ill fix the normals issue with the legs and move the blood up

cool - in case your wondering Linux and XP are faster than Vista for me in the game engine

default cube scene in Vista = 600fps
same scene in Linux or XP = 1200fps

if u don’t have xp and don’t want to buy it you can do a quick Wubi install for Linux.
I recommend Kubuntu =)

Hmmmmm…just a thought, when you did this test, did your vista have the “glass” theme enabled?

Sagedread, I did a lot of research on your project. Youtube videos, your site and all. I’m highly interested in joining this project. Could you use another member for the game? I’m good for scripting and modelling. I’m also developing a Network system for games.

Yeh, we could always use more help. I would very much be interested in adding you to our team. Before i officially introduce you to the rest of the team, do you have any work, models, scripts, ect…that you could show me?

Of course… lol. Here are two projects I’ve done., The HyperReal ORPG is still a work in progress. I’m currently developing the networking system for it. The server uses Scala, a new programming language. It was initially going to be a networking test, but it evolved into a ORPG.

Also, here’s a small test script which sends x and y coordinates of an object to a server. Once I finish the server, I’ll have it send back coordinates of other player boxes and such. This will be the template for the game server. This script only needs one sensor, one controller, and one actuator to function.

import GameLogic
from socket import* 

Controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
Owner = Controller.getOwner()
Pos = Owner.getPosition()

for i in Controller.getSensors():
    exec(i.getName() + " = i")
for i in Controller.getActuators():
    exec(i.getName() + " = i")

Keyinput = sensor.getPressedKeys()

if Keyinput == [[146, 1]]:
		yMove = 0.2
if Keyinput == [[144, 1]]:		
		yMove = -0.2
if Keyinput == [[145, 1]]:		
		xMove= 0.2
if Keyinput == [[143, 1]]:	
		xMove = -0.2	
if Keyinput == [[146, 3]]:		
		yMove = 0.0
if Keyinput == [[144, 3]]:	
		yMove = 0.0
if Keyinput == [[143, 3]]:		
		xMove = 0.0
if Keyinput == [[145, 3]]:		
		xMove = 0.0




x = Pos[0]
y = Pos[1]

port = 80 
host = ''
socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)

socket.connect((host, port)) 
socket.send(x," ",y)
update = GameLogic.socket.recv()

Its glad to see you have alot of experience with blender. I tried your fps template and its very nice. That gun model is very unique and original. We could also use another programmer like you as im currently the only one. So , welcome to the team. If you could introduce yourself here so the rest of the team knows youve joined, then we will get you started. We all communicate using my website’s forum in the Anomaly >> General section here so make sure you check that forum often.

Understood. I’ve posted my Introduction.

I liked the screen, it has the feel of Doom or F. E. A. R.

I can’t wait to see more.

Thanks alot man!

Hi I’m very interested in joining your team. I can do environment/level modeling, texturing and lighting.

Here’s a demo of some of my work with the new glsl shaders:


Impressive = )

The artwork is great! I love the enemies, they look very professional, and the environment looks promising. It’s unfortunate that the game runs at 7fps though, I guess this goes to show us that the BGE desperately needs optimization before adding new features. Thanks for sharing your progress with us, your game definitely stands out, and I hope to see more very soon.

I’ll be watching this thread and trying to help out with any questions whenever I can.

Good luck! :wink:

Thats awesome work you have there. We could definitely use you as a level designer/texturer. I fyou could please introduce yourself here and then well get you started…thanks!

I think i was in this project once…?

Anyhoo, looks pretty good, but is that glsl? It looks like some of the pipes may be, but the gun certainly does not look like it has normal maps. Also, because my comp won’t load your site, could you please post the members and some of the concepts here? If you can’t, no worries :smiley:

yeh thats glsl. The gun has a normal map but it isnt applied as i thought it would save some fps in my testing stage. I forgot to apply it again once i took the screeny.
And yeh, heres more renders…
Main character

Those are VERY nice models. I like the look of the guns!