Sago should start a webcomic featured on blendernation

who’s with me? blender funnies? I like comics. sago has great style. go talk to bart, sago - blendernation needs some more “fun” anyway…

hopefully valarking will be a recurring character.

and we will split the profits 50%-50%. what do you mean what did I do? it was my idea!

I agree 100%. It would be cool to see how sago characterizes the members of the blender community in his comics.


I agree.

As long as its clean humor like most comics I would agree.

Pretty much all of Sago’s humor is clean so I don’t need to worry.:slight_smile:

sago, not to pressure you or anything. just something I’d like to see. consider it a compliment…

Hurray, sago is going to make funnies. I’ll go tell everyone. Thank you so much Sago. You’re the best.

We are not forcing you into doing anything… We’re just going to tie you up and leave you alone in a locked dark room with wu-man for 48 hours. Your choice really. :smiley:

This is a good idea, I agree Sago is a very talented artist. I think his characters are great. I’d love to see the Adventures of Wu-man.

Yeah, it’d be cool… wonder what Sago thinks though:P

Scary shit, man… scary shit… though to be honest it has been on my mind some time… but still, scary shit, man… scary shit…

nice edit. when are you going to be a man and not a baby and confront responsibility?

just “tacoing” around… :D:D:D

but seriously, I thought a few of your improvised thread toons were better than 90% of the garbage comics I’ve seen (not just web either). from the stars on thread (surprising!) I guess at least someone else thought so too. whatever, didn’t mean to be weird…

You probably just broke the record for uncensored swearing in two adjoining posts.

If the comics are going to be like that then this thread gets my stamp of condemnation.

icoxo -

  1. what are you talking about? I said the word “tacos” once in this thread. well, now twice.

  2. I would have nothing to do with this comic, it was merely a suggestion for Sago

  3. hearing the word “tacos” is not going to make anybody here turn to their neighbor and stab them. if the mods wanted to ban the word “tacos” (3 times) they would have banned the word “tacos” (4 times). end of story. nobody’s holding a gun to your head to read my posts.

except maybe valarking.


Only for the sake of keeping the thread open…

Actually, there are kids here, some as young as ten. If it were in the off-topic, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. But this is News & Discussion, which has a much higher profile. Not really the image we want to put out there. :frowning:

Of course, you CAN. But SHOULD you?

Oooooo. Look at me. I can swear.

I remember from a while ago that you had a younger child. Are they browsing the offtopic forum? If so, I’ll definately refrain from swearing…

I give my signature of approval to this idea and your post in general.

Sago, I will give you rights to use me as long as I get a cut of around 50-70% of all profits. Reasonable enough.

Also, I need to send you a new picture because my hair style is completely and totally different…

Here’s my old one for anyone who wants to appreciate Sago’s spot-on rendition…

Which became this:

Which became my avatar that you all know and love.

its not wu-man losers its Super Wu-Man…get it right before i anger…

anyway, i have been trying to get sago to do a webcomic forever, maybe he could get a website one of these days, haha…

anyway, Super Wu-Man is in full support of this, escpecially if i can get star in a few, and possiblely write/help write a few of these fat boys, whoohoo

but yeah, dont forget your buddy Super Wu-Man! let him write some, act some, animate some, and when the dvd’s start selling i can sue your ass for everything you got!

but seriously about the swears, you guys (venomsevenX and thenoderanger) should edit them,
because if BgDM sees this he will lock this thread and a good idea could possibly be lost, we all know iconox has already alerted the moderators, and if this thread gets locked i will be pissed because it is a great idea!

lets keep the thread open, and harass sago until he breaks and gives us what we want! a webcomic! or a animated webcomic!

valarking- in that photo you are playing a song called “greensleeves”?? and you call yourself a man?? why not just play the theme song to my little pony and get it over with…i got it on my ipod if you need me to email it to you…what…i mean…be a man!

Okay, this thread has seen the most swearing ever seen in a topic this size in this forum’s history (well, since i’ve made my first visit here), seriously, how can you not see to use any alternative words instead there’s plenty out there and if not make them up.

Fudge Fluppidy Dang Shooty Fooped

See how easy it is.

swear? who, me? I never swore. I said the word “taco” and the mushrooms you ate made you hallucinate

I don’t see swears because you edited your post.

Besides you flippin people need to freaken find flippin ways to blightly find new floppin words that are considered flipping alternative flappin words.