Sahara Skatepark

Ok, I have done it.
What do you think :)?

I have to sent the link to this thread to my friend in Dubai (who loves to skate obviously) as soon as I seen him :smiley:

A very very original concept and I love the scenery. The modeles could use some beveling on some and/or better textures which kinda look bland in some areas. Reminds me of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater II I played a long time ago


Cool concept. :slight_smile:
Maybe change the dark blue of the floor into some other color. On the first view I thought the big blue square in the middle of the park was a swimming pool. :wink:

Wow, awesome idea.
Image is just great, but i have to complain about park design. It would be really hard to ride in this skatepark. You should add wallrides around whole park - it makes it easier to gain speed. And thing that i am totally missing is funbox - for some sick jumps. But on other side, i am not skater, only a biker, so this might be enough for sahara skaters:D. Ride on!

Ech, I don’t see anythink “awesome” in this artwork, textures are ugly, render too, about modeling I even dont want say, idea is good but realization very poor

Don’t be so negative…

(Or is it your English: :))

I think it’s quite good though. I like the trees, but maybe you should replace the fountain with something else. I you like reflection, maybe a solar panel :D.

Don’t be so negative…

(Or is it your English: )

I just don’t like like this artwork;)