Sailing Ship

Hello BlenderArtists Community!

Let me please present you my first serious Blender project:

I’ve worked at it for nine months in my rare free time but there are still things that bother me, e.g. the missing foam. But actually I have no idea how to fix this, so perhaps you’d like to share some ideas with me.

Thanks a lot for incoming feedback!

Best regards,

Very nice work. Looks cool. I like the floating/wobbly camera in the first shot.
Things you might try:

  • Add some ‘atmosphere’ sounds - something like this:
  • Increase the complexity of the waves and the extent(size) of the ocean. CG Cookie has a good tutorialwhich includes a bit about reducing the detail off into the distance so that it can actually be rendered. At the moment it looks a bit like a model ship
  • Dirty everything up a bit! Weathered, torn texture for sails, worn wood, etc.
  • Could run a cloth sim on the sails to give them ripples and movement(a fair bit of turbulence).
  • Try a larger texture for the wood on the side of the ship so repeating is less visible.
    Finally, what would be really cool is if you made a variation of the same boat, then had them firing the cannons at each other!


thanks for your response!
Actually I used cloth simulation for the ropes and the sails but I agree that one can’t really see that.
The problem with increasing the ocean’s complexity is that it already took nine days and nights for my computer to render that and I have no idea to reduce the render time. But anyway I will continue working on the project and adapt your critics!

Kind Regards.

At first it looks really good. There are some basic things letting it down, which, if you fix them, will improve the peice by leaps and bounds.

  1. The ocean is moving a little too quickly. You have your shader nailed down pretty well, but the movement seems slightly fast.
  2. Modelling on the ship. - If you are more an animator than modeller, then fair enough, but these things leapt out at me.
    a. Repeating wood textures on the ship. - You are much better using either a larger repeating texture, or bake the repeating texture
    out onto a UV map and use a clone brush to hide some of the more obvious repeating patches.
    b. Masts and hull shape. Take a few minutes and research some real sailing ships. The shape of the bow, the stern and the yards and
    masts all looked strange. A couple of hours of tweaking could really punch up the visual aspect of the ship.

The movement, music and lighting of the scene all looked very good and natural. I’d say if you fixed one or two bits and peices, it would look tons better.

I liked it a lot. Beautiful ship but the one thing that jumped out at me is that the boat was moving through the water without having much impact on the water. As an avid boater I can tell you that even moving slowly through the water produces wakes, and if there is any speak or an active body of water like you have there would be spray along the water line where boat and water interact.

Hi, I like your progress. I’m not sure what render-er you using, but if you add some AO it helps A LOT, and as they said add wear, nothing is perfect in RL.