Sailing Tracking program


I tried out many Render programs and think that Blender has all I need. Iwant tomake a Front End Sailing tracking system. means all Sailboat are becoming a GPS Sender in the Boat measuring time, GPS, Speed and the Rotation of the Boat (air leveling).

What I need is tht ablender Gaming Engine is attaching a Server to get the data forLive Preview and Playback. What i will put in for the first is

  1. DB Connection
  2. realistic landscape with water
  3. ships with (Logos on Sails and Numbers) maybe changeable
  4. Live Preview (buffering the GPS Data progressive
  5. Analyse the Regatta from different views

Where I need help.

  1. Getting a fast Serverconnection. I relized a MySQL connection. Its working but in time consuming
  2. designing a good mountain landscape whta is not so timeconsuming as mine
  3. i m using IPO to save all the MYSQL Data. in runtime EXE IPO isn’t working. What can I do

I give a view screenshots what i have done so far.