Hi, this is a fisherman that i made, just for fun.

This is my first post of my work, i would very much like some feedback.

Moon and reflect are cool.
Would flatten the back of the head of that adventurous fisherman.
How did you make your net ? it’s nice.
But it draws attention to its reflection that gets shrinked totally vertically. Wandering too what are the little rectangles reflected in water under the float transition.

Telescope’s orientation may be too aligned to horizon AND perpendiculary to the camera axis, would rotate it more.
And maybe adding some banking on the boat, it looks floating totally horizontally.

Moon and water conveys a cool and smooth atmosphere, maybe you can also try adding backlight or sidelight to the boat and fisherman, that part looks too flat.

Nice work, keep going :+1:

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Thanks a lot, i Made the net by simulating a cloth on a UV Sphere with wireframe modifier, than i just convert it to a mesh.

I also don’t know what are those rectangles, pretty weird. Thanks for the tips

sorry for taking soo long to respond

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