Hello, finally i’ve decided to share some of my artworks here. At first it is a Saint character based on my concept.


Wow, this is freaking awesome. I love the shapes and the shading looks great.

wow - stunning!

That is one fantastic piece of armor :o

I like the concept, giving both sci-fi and transcendental impression.

Thank you guys. It is nice to read the flattering sentences. Especially yours Netrieb, because I have a similar feeling about that concept. You confirm (in nice words) that the concept has impact not only on me. Thank you.

Creepiest saint I’ve ever seen. Nice job on the modeling and textures.

Cool design!

Really nice work! I love the gif…

Loved it! This can be an awesome poster! :slight_smile:

Wow nice work I like it, though it’s dark and you can’t see much, but awesome

Stunning design and great style!

great work, very dark and scary ! :slight_smile:

Great design/concept and excellent texturing.

Awesome work and great concept, even the animation is really cool, I love everything of this!